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John Doe12

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  1. John Doe12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Cheers!. My wife will be glad I don't need a new laptop.
  2. John Doe12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Guys!, What's the norm up at the college for taking notes etc. good old pen and paper or laptop ?.
  3. John Doe12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I failed the assessment centre first time around and just passed last month. What was your feedback like last year ?. You seem to have most of it covered actually. Also, think about how much of an impact joining the police would have on your life and partnership working is very important!. I was overthinking everything coming up to my second time so I guess its normal but if you can just concentrate on the stuff you got wrong last time then Id imagine you couldn't go far wrong.
  4. John Doe12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good effort mate.
  5. John Doe12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aw yeh. A was in the green team. You where last for interview? . A was sitting with you and I was the first guy to go in out the 3 of us. I've passed thankfully. How did you get on ?.
  6. John Doe12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was there Friday too. Green or red team ?. Definitely been the longest weekend for a while. Good luck tomorrow.