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  1. Stb1750

    Application response

    Once you pass your paper sift and all the admin stuff that goes on you will receive another email inviting you to the next respective stage of the process. It is a detailed email from what I remember and leaves you with no second guessing. Between receipt/acknowledgement of application and receiving my invite to the Initial Fitness I was waiting around 4 months. I was going though West Command though which is obviously very chalk-a-block with candidates, so hopefully yours won't take up to 4 months through North Command. Good luck in the process!
  2. This is certainly all food for thought. I never thought the Specials would guarantee me anything but I was hoping it would give me the relevant experience's to add to my possible answers to the competencies. But I guess if I believe I can pass the Specials interview then there is no reason why I can't pass both the Regular interviews.
  3. Well. It's food for thought because I don't want to spend too long in the Specials before joining the Regulars. It wouldn't be financially viable to do it for 3, 4 or 5 years. Definitely 1 or 2 is fine for me. Maybe worth a shot but probably sensible to keep options open by keeping an eye on other Police Recruitment opportunities with Police Scotland and other Police Forces while in the Specials.
  4. Stb1750

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If you're asked a question where your examples don't fit and you struggle to think of anything, what would your advice be. Taking in to account of nerves, or a simple 'brain fart' or even if you genuinely believe your experiences don't fit.
  5. Stb1750

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Cheers MorkC and AberdeenPolicePerson. I will give those methods a try. Last time I just wrote them down and read them but on the day I tripped myself up trying to remember how I wrote it resulting in me answering the question but not hitting the descriptors. Good to learn new tips :)
  6. Stb1750

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What techniques did anyone use to remember the structure of your answers for the competency questions?
  7. Stb1750

    Application form sent

    I bought some test papers online (after my first failed attempt) which helped me pass the info and language second time around; and are now banked for when I re-apply. This is where I got the papers, massive help for me. http://www.policetrainingscotland.co.uk/police-practice-papers/ Good luck!
  8. Stb1750

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone got any clue on whether the recruitment process will be changing quite soon?
  9. Has anyone here made the transition, or is currently making the transition from Special Constable to Police Officer with Police Scotland? I am considering doing so myself. Last year my Police Officer application was unsuccessful at the Initial Interview stage; and since I have been working on my competencies, some of which I feel I have a vast experience but others I feel my experience is minimum and to pass the respective questions to the competencies I may need to get 'lucky' with the question that they ask hoping my example can fit. What I am interested to know is; having made, or are making the process of transitioning from Special Constable to Police Officer do you feel the experience gained as a Special Constable has helped you when answering the competency questions during the initial and final interviews during the Police Officer selection process? Thanks in advance! :)
  10. Has there been any update on the proposed National Infrastructure Constabulary other than it was in the Conservative manifesto earlier this year? It's just gone quiet since the election.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I assume the rest of the assessment (firearms, interview etc.) was held at Culham?
  12. Is the fitness assessment still held at Culham or is it more local to the individual to save travelling?
  13. Stb1750

    Question on the SET

    You are permitted to use a calculator. They provide the calculator and it's only their calculator you can use. Good luck!
  14. Stb1750

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    How likely is it to get a negative question for a competency during the initial interview? I have only prepared positive examples because my understanding is that they throw in negative scenarios in the final interview.
  15. Stb1750

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It looks like a great workshop, but it's too far away from me. Not to create a dilemma though. I have already contacted Ayrshire Police on Twitter to enquire if the same workshop will come to Ayrshire or any other West Command Division. I may even drop an e-mail to recruitment. I really hope it does come to West Command within the 4 months, as obviously I would prefer to do that sooner before I re-apply. Thanks! :)