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    Allowances at different sites

    CRTP was done away with last year for existing officers & has not been payable to anyone recruited since 2013

    Distance from station

    Policy states travel to work area is 1hr /50 miles or 1hr 30 for London. It’s not strictly enforced providing you turn up for your shifts, but you need to be mindful of health & satefy having long commutes either side of a 12hr shift
  3. Part of CID as was, now crime command - given the nature of the role there isn’t much that can be said publicly

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    Once we receive your contract back & done the hiring actions you’ll be sent some more information by us then we pass your details over to the training school & they will send you out the pre-join info

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    Every 5 years

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    It’s developed vetting to clear you to top secret so obviously it’s going to be intrusive! Just be 100% honest as they’ll find out if you haven’t been anyway :)

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    Hey folks, contracts have been posted today so as soon as you get them, get them back ASAP :) If you have any further questions or concerns contact your recruiter, but more information will be provided once your contracts are back. We don’t always have a large contingent for AWE but on this occasion half the course is AWE bound so you will have lots of colleagues to arrange accommodation with. Lots of you from same sort of area too so travelling could potentially be shared! We look forward to your signed contracts

    April Start Date - AWE Aldermaston

    We like to keep you on your toes ?

    Tactical Support Group

    We’ve been putting people back on it recently, but as you say, customer requirements dictate the needs, so anything can change
  10. MDPREC

    Tactical Support Group

    Fact - we are only allowed to recruit to maintain complement currently And second fact - between April 17 and Mar 18 (our recruiting year) we recruited 209 people In the 2017 calendar year 227 I know because I recruit them not sure where you get your FACTS from! ?
  11. MDPREC

    Tactical Support Group

    We can only allocate the vacancies we are given by the force so we can’t be pushed in to anything
  12. MDPREC

    Application timescale

    It’s not irrelevant if it’s the candidates offence!
  13. MDPREC

    Tactical Support Group

    The role is becoming more varied with Op Servator etc so you can’t say static guarding is the only function! And lots of new business is being won! Unless you actually know what goes on at HQ you can’t really criticise! Do you have access to exit data? Otherwise your claims are unfounded! The forces exit rate is no different to historical figures! Especially if you’ve left the force!! OSU don’t generally take new recruits - it’s happened recently but not likely to happen much in future! Generally you can apply for assessment after 2 years probation in normal circumstances
  14. MDPREC

    bleep test/Fitness

    Unfortunately BMI is a factor! Before you go to medical get a weight & body composition print out! Think theyll be looking for under 23% body fat for men in future
  15. MDPREC

    bleep test/Fitness

    From 1st April. There’s isn’t a link to it as such I just know the Dr takes a measurement & you should be aiming for BMI of 30 or less