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  1. nwindy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I think we were. Did you say you had to defer your medical? It is strange. Nobody else seems to have had the same problem. I chose E and P division. I was just told they were waiting for one of my references to come back before I could have my medical then it came back and I still haven't heard anything further. Guess I'll give them a call and see what's going on.
  2. nwindy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi. Thanks for the answer. I wonder why I haven't been invited for medical then. I was transferred to jackton from Edinburgh just after my initial interview. I wonder if it's worth chasing up with them again.
  3. nwindy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all. I passed my a/c on the last day of march and I have been waiting to hear about my medical ever since. I spoken to Jackton who advised they were waiting for one my references to come back as I had made a declaration in my application regarding that job. I chased that up and got the reference sent over in mid may and spoke to jackton afterwards, nothing was mentioned regarding being booked in for a medical just that they will be in touch. How long do people normally wait from passing AC to their medical? And how long is the medical valid for? Also another question I went straight to my GP and opticians after passing my AC to get my forms signed. Do these expire if I don't have my medical within a certain time frame or do they remain valid regardless of when my medical is? Sorry for the long question haha.
  4. nwindy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Have you been given a date for your medical yet? We were in the same A/C if I remember correctly and I haven't heard anything about a medical assessment yet.
  5. nwindy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Congratulations on passing I think we were at the same A/C! I got the call yesterday morning too, telling me I had passed. Bit surprised because I didn't feel like I performed too well on final interview. Good luck with the rest of the process.
  6. nwindy

    March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    I had my initial interview earlier this month and I was told looking at September intake hopefully. My first choice was E div. Followed by P
  7. Hi. I was just wondering if there are any current probationers or Tulliallan studentd I could chat with for some advice around attending assessment centre and final interview. I'm not currently in Scotland so I am struggling to make contact via telephone or inface with a current probationer. So if anyone on here could help me with a few questions it would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit concerned about the partnership working question as to how much detail it goes into and what the best way to research this would be? Is respect for diversity assessed in the exercises or is it an interview competency and if it is it much different to the first interview?. And lastly did the job knowledge question differ greatly from the initial interview?
  8. nwindy

    SET and Fitness Test

    Is there anyway of knowing if it has been to vetting? I mean it makes sense since it took 8 months between submitting my application form and finding out if my application passed the initial sift. Hopefully this means it won't need doing again should I be successful at my A/C.
  9. nwindy

    SET and Fitness Test

    why was your application sent straight to vetting? did you make a declaration? i made a declaration on my application and had to wait from February 2017 to October 2017 before I heard anything back from them and then invited for fitness and SET in November. I was dismissed from a job 3 years ago and interviewed by the police (no charges were made) and I had received a call from the vetting department in mid June 2017 asking me to clarify the dates surrounding this incident and then heard from a SGT on the recruitment team who asked me about the incident too. I'm hoping that some if not all vetting was completed prior to me progressing through the recruitment process so that im not gonna (hopefully) get through the whole recruitment process to just be denied vetting for something I have been honest about and declared.
  10. nwindy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Congratulations to everybody awaiting to start. Wish you luck. I have asked this elsewhere but I don't think my threads show up with me being a new user. I just wanted to clarify if using a calculator is allowed for the numbers SET? It says so on the website but the practice paper states no use of a calculator. Sorry if this has duplicated I can't tell if I can make new threads that are visible to other users.
  11. nwindy

    Question on the SET

    Hi. I have my SET and fitness test on November 27th and I've just been doing some of the practice papers. For the maths paper I notice on the website it advises that use of a calculator is permitted when completing the numbers paper however on the actual test paper on the website it says that use of a calculator is not permitted. Pretty confusing right? Can anyone who has recently done the SET's advise if a calculator was allowed for the maths paper?
  12. nwindy

    Application form sent

    Hi. I applied in March and I have my SET and fitness test on the 27th of November. Not sure when things will progress after that if I am successful on the day. I think it took so long because I had a run in with the police before so they will have done some looking into that I hope, I hope that just means most of my vetting has been done haha.
  13. nwindy

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum but I have a few questions. I'm currently in England but moving back up to Scotland to join the police. I'm just after some info and time scales on the recruitment process. I applied back in march but due to some previous problems at a former job I o my got invited to my fitness test and SET In November. Can anybody advise where to practice for my SET other then the practice papers on their website? Would anybody be able to advise of time scales on the recruitment process? What's the average time between SET/fitness - initial Interview - Assessment centre - medical/drug test etc - start date. This just helps me plan time off from work as it isn't the easiest thing to organise where I currently work. If I was successful in all stages would I be looking at the march or June intake?(depending on posting preferences, I chose Edinburgh, Fife and forth valley) I'm new on this forum so I do apologize if this information is readily available else where.
  14. nwindy

    Application form sent

    I applied back in march and have my fitness test next month! Think mine took a bit longer because of some personal issues but I'm happy it's on track now.