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  1. Moopheus

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    I got an answer back in relation to mine, it's all down to me not declaring my reprimand from when I was 13 for assault
  2. Update: I've been in touch with the Head of Professional Standards Karen Cummings, she never mentioned anything to do with family in relation to why I failed it turns out it was down to an incident at School which was a play fight between a few lads and someone got hurt, anyway I got a reprimand for assault as a result of this, I never mentioned this in my application to Merseyside so was failed, there was also concern over a default account with Biritish gas which was due to moving home and an issue with closing the account with the old address which went default, when I found out about it I fully paid it off and informed my recruitment officer, apart from that my finances are fine...
  3. Moopheus

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    You do seem to be in an unusual situation I'd try the freedom of information act then, see if they do have anything on you for the sake of £10
  4. Moopheus

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    You can request a freedom of information act costs about £10 and that will give you all the information they have on you, aswell as that you can contact the vetting team and ask about what you can do next, I was always told they have to fail you if they find something on someone you didn't mention, however they can question you on someone you did mention which in some cases can lead to a passed vetting. I joined the Prison Service as an alternative and in the background will apply to the Police there's no rules to applying after a failed vetting and what have you lost?
  5. Moopheus

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    I failed and was told not to apply for 10 years so I know how you feel, from what I believe if they don't tell you anything then it means it involves a third party, maybe someone close to you has a criminal record? You can also see if vetting done a credit check on sites like credit expert etc. I'm going down the route of contacting the vetting team and just this morning someone phoned me and had a very good chat about how vetting works and things I can do to avoid it happening again, might be worth giving them a ring and digging a little deeper.
  6. Assessment centre results last for 2 years I believe
  7. I cringe at what I post myself lol, I totally get what your saying and if I could delete it I would
  8. Sorry guys if you check the time that post was made it was 4am so I'd had a few, arrived home from a family wedding and rather foolishly posted that, I can't find a delete button so please accept my apology
  9. During my time at 18 signal regiment, were I worked as support staff (google it) I worked with many of the officers from many of the forces you guys work for, it was that work that interested me in joining the police force, an here I have a brand new fresh out of the box recruit and an emergency call handler disrespecting the armed forces. During operations I was miles away from a training centre were Army, "The Royal Navy, RAF police etc" were training local Afghan police and were killed, we might not have had access to your local systems on local darlings in the local areas of which you work, but do not overstep your station you are at best local police and do not forget that, I find your comments totally disrespectful remove yourself from that high horse. As stated I am an acting public servant I have this year more than once taken part in operation tempera, live ammunition on the very streets I'm not permitted the powers of arrest, so please do not disrespect me, now please lets keep this discussion civil and do not overstate your station.
  10. So vetting is made on the decision of a human down to that persons opinion at the end of the day, there clearly isn't any rules in law for this otherwise the scenario I just suggested would have an officer loose his/her job, thus there is always that glimmer of hope all I'm wanting is a face to face interaction with someone that makes this decision and for them to look at me and tell me face to face "you have no chance" until then I will keep pushing. As I said earlier I have someone working with me now that's been working within the Police for 14 years, he's reached a respectful rank but had to leave due to a life changing injury, I don't doubt his integrity and he has no reason to lie to me, he's told me scenario's were people have managed to achieve just that and not in all cases but some things have gone in there favour. I'm still reasonably young so even in 10 years time I'll only be in my 30's so even if it takes that long I could still achieve a full career. The skills and experiences I gain in the prison service are only going to help me that's why I'm leaving a cushy job and taking a big pay cut to join, because it helps build towards the end game.
  11. Thanks for the reply seems I was miss informed about the NSV then. in relation to the Prison Service I'm happy with my current posting but will consider others if that doesn't work out thanks for the suggestion. Quick question if someone joins the Police and after probation they're father commits a very serious crime does said person loose they're position or they're vetting clearance?
  12. That's awesome man nice one 2 of my friends are at the same stage as you I'd say they're names but open forum an all lol, an my cousins boy friend is waiting on his start date
  13. Yea as I said I don't have high hopes for myself either, getting in the Prison Service was a shock tbh they're forums are equally filled with people failing vetting as this one is so I half expected to not stand a chance with them, I'm grateful I've even managed to get that lol. How did you get on mate I remember we were near the same stage when I was joining Merseyside?
  14. Moopheus

    BTP Liverpool Base

    Applied to join Liverpool Lime Street
  15. He's been in for a very long time but my wife's Dads always been in and out of prison for aslong as anyone can remember, maybe vetting was different then? My side of the family only has my cousin who is in prison for dealing and being caught in possession of a fire arm, he's also linked to gangs in Merseyside but he's a kid and already been sentenced I've never really taken him seriously and again we don't have any contact, he was mentioned in my vetting forms but I was told it's immediate family they're concerned about? That's why I applied to the MDP really because they have postings as North as Scotland and I could have eliminated the family out of everything, as I type this I'm laughing to myself because in words it sounds terrible he may be my cousin and to allot of people this would make us close but if I seen him today I wouldn't recognise him lol