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  1. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Everyone who is disheartened about the long wait, don't be. It's all part of the process. I applied last March, and that's me just passed out of Tulliallan yesterday, but if it's what you really want to do, the wait is worth it.
  2. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It's really helpful, everyone in it is great. That's you at 10 posts now. Send me a personal message and I'll add you in.
  3. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If you want to be in it (there's around 70 of us starting next Monday in it) get to 10 posts and PM me your number and I'll add you in.
  4. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You in the Whatsapp?
  5. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I don't know your personal circumstances but presuming you are on a permanent, full time contract, if your employer was to try and 'get rid' of you just for applying for another job then they wouldn't have a leg to stand on.
  6. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Don't tell them until you really feel that you need to. Recruitment generally won't contact your current employer for references until they are fairly confident they will be starting you.
  7. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If you have any queries, call them to put your mind at ease. That's what they're there for and in any case, it's good to look keen.
  8. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ask them about what happens during their probationary period, what they did at Tulliallan. Remember you are there, speaking to a probationer for a reason - as they are in their probation and are fresh in the sense that they can give first hand information about what they are currently going through. So use the time wisely. Edited to add: Ask them about current local issues in particular and any current campaigns that may be running in your local area. You could also ask specifically what sorts of people/groups they work in partnership with, within the local community.
  9. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You won't be notified about vetting unless you fail it, or unless you ask directly if you have passed.
  10. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    At your Final Fitness you are given joining instructions which includes a kit list for Tulliallan.
  11. Bugeyes

    SMT process

    They do of course! I don't know exactly but it's months anyway for sure. The SMT results take about a week to come back as well, whereas the Urine test is immediate based on colour I'm sure?? Yeah it's a great feeling after a long, long wait!
  12. Bugeyes

    SMT process

    The Urine sample, I believe, is more to do with infections and illnesses, at your SMT you only get your hair sample taken. You will be contacted usually for SMT and FF when they have your start date.
  13. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No problem!
  14. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Let me know when you have 10 posts and I'll add you.
  15. Bugeyes

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You in the whatsapp?