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  1. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Police Recruits

    Good afternoon I was just wondering if anyone had heard any further information regarding the next Police intake I am at the stage where I have passed all of the tests with my biometric test being complete around December time. I have emailed Cleveland Police and they said the next intake would be 27th March but I was not guaranteed to be on this intake. If anyone has any further info I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance
  2. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    I've just had an email inviting me to do my biometric testing Looks like I'm on my way now boys and girls!!
  3. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    Finally got an email back, exactly the same as you Ozz! Apparently the spaces are allocated as quickly as the pre employment checks are done so I'm in the same boat as you! Just pretty gutted and now having to apply for a new job before I start in the police which is extra stress! Hope to see you soon anyway
  4. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    Ozz I still haven't heard anything back from recruitment! Do you have a direct number for them or did you just use the general Steria phone number?
  5. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    Did they specifically say that you are in the March intake? I spoke to a woman today who said we will all find out the start date very soon, mentioned nothing of an email last Friday
  6. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    I have been trying but no luck so far unfortunately I only have the biometric left as well, I only heard that date because my current employer wanted a rough idea of when I was leaving to get my replacement ready. I just want to know either way, I am going to ask they email me the information as well.
  7. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    I received the email 14th June saying they are looking to start new candidates on 26th September, its did say bear in mind this may change. I took that to mean that it would change maybe a week either side. I never heard anything about March or April for recruits. I still haven't heard back from recruitment, I'm assuming its the March intake for me as well but im just going to have to wait and see Did they say they would be emailing you regarding the exact date of the March intake or not??
  8. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    Ive got exactly the same dates as you Ozz except the fact that I had my uniform fitting 2 weeks earlier than you It just seems mental to me that they would put us all through this and then we still have to wait another 6 months I'm in a real sticky situation with my current work as I was told in my interview and in an email around July time that I was part of the September intake so now after September I no longer have a job. I'm really stuck! Still haven't spoke to recruitment on the phone yet, hopefully the can shed some light on this situation for me!!!
  9. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    Hey Mr19920541 I applied in January, did all the normal stages, got the conditional offer, passed the fitness test, passed the medical, passed references, was told today I passed the vetting, and also went for the uniform fitting. The only thing I had'nt done which I was only told about today was this biometric, I told them I did not receive an email to go for this and they just said I would do at some time. When did you apply and what did you do? I applied last year and was unsuccessful at the final interview stage. I then got an email from them around Christmas time inviting me just for a final interview again. I had this end of May and got the conditional offer beginning of June. I did all the medical, fitness test and uniform fitting within about 2/3 weeks of that. I've since are nothing other than they requested my references about 3 weeks ago. I've not been invited to a biometric testing or anything. I'm assuming I'm the same as you so I'm pretty gutted. Does that sound a similar time frame to you?
  10. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    That's bad luck Ozz, I didn't receive anything so looks like I might be the same. Can I just ask did you have your uniform fitting and everything? Going to be gutted if I have to wait until March
  11. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    Hi Ozz, no I didn't! Did you? I was hoping we would hear something on Friday
  12. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    Brilliant news! Thanks for that info, al starting to get exciting now! See you on the 26th then!!
  13. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    I tried ringing the number yesterday, they said they would ring back today when someone is free. Still haven't heard anything, I think we will receive an email by next Friday
  14. Mr19920541

    Cleveland Hopefuls - New Recruit Jan 16

    What telephone number did you ring? I might have a pop today, my employer is getting on my back about officially handing my notice in so I could do with knowing really!