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  1. MOD_Hopeful

    MOD to Police Scotland

    Hi Ricey, There’s nothing wrong with it as such, just it can be long days and not much happening at times. I knew before I joined that’s what I was signing up to do and was ok with it at the time. But after going down to the training school for 17 weeks and working hard down there to learn a lot of legislation, I just feel that it’s going to a waste a bit with not really any job satisfaction. Also the small amount of actual police work that I have been involved in I have really enjoyed and has made me think even more so now of joining Police Scotland. I’m not putting the job down at all as there is certainly a need for what we provide and to be honest it’s not a horrible job. Good shifts I find (2 days, 2 nights off for 4) and lots of overtime. Currently looking through all the recruitment information and learning all the competencies and hopefully apply within the next few weeks.
  2. MOD_Hopeful

    MOD to Police Scotland

    Evening all, just looking for a bit of information. Is there anyone on here that has joined police Scotland after serving as a MOD officer? I m know that I’ll have to start from the start again, and I’m fine with that I’ve been an officer for just over a year now for the MOD and considering applying to police Scotland. Just looking for anyone that’s made the switch that way, as it seems to be most people switch from Police Scotland it MOD. Did any of the stuff you learned down at the school help you in your current role? How did you settle in as I know it’s a total different job to what I do just now? Any help at all would be brilliant Thanks.
  3. MOD_Hopeful

    Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    Ahhh I thought Faslane would be classed as a Nuclear site? Got my razor with me just to be sure.
  4. MOD_Hopeful

    Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    I'm due to leave tomorrow, and I have a beard just now and going to Faslane, am I better getting t shaved off tonight before getting down there then?
  5. MOD_Hopeful

    Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    Another thing regarding boots. Are they used only for firearms section, or do we wear Jen as soon as we get issued our uniform? Thanks.
  6. MOD_Hopeful

    Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    Yeah I have 4 shirts with me to go with my suit until I get my uniform. 4 days it says on the joining instructions.
  7. MOD_Hopeful

    Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    I've been at them the last 2 days. I'd say that they're shinny, but not the mirror shine that I'm aiming for. As long as I know they don't have to be perfect for getting down there and I can work away on them whilst there. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, im heading to down Weathersfeild this Sunday to start training. I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to get my boots a mirror Finish. I've tried all the different guides on line. What I'm asking is do the have to be bulled to a mirror finish on our first day of arrival, or is that more important for passing out? Thanks.
  9. MOD_Hopeful

    Weathersfeild for training

    I ordered a pair of Magnums that are quite comfy and relatively cheap, plus found a 10% discount code so I'm sorted for boots. Do we also need any sore of parade shoes or that? It doesn't mention it in the joining instructions.
  10. MOD_Hopeful

    Weathersfeild for training

    I just got a pair of Magnum with a zip on the side today. I'm a 7 in everything and these have plenty of room inside them in a 7. Actually quite comfortable.
  11. MOD_Hopeful

    Weathersfeild for training

    Thanks act. Yeah planning on taking a small to and PlayStation with a hard drive with films on it. Someone mentioned takin like a clothes horse or line to hand washing on as there is no where to dry stuff? Is there enough irons for each block? Worth taking an iron for my room? Thanks for the reply.
  12. Hi all. Getting nearer to start of my training in September, and I'm just looking for tips/advice for anyone that's been for the 17 weeks? What do you wish that you took with you that you didn't? I'm taking my car with me the first week, driving down from Scotland, so I can take some home comforts, so to speak. Thanks for any advice.
  13. MOD_Hopeful

    September 2017 course

    Ok thanks. I'll email in on Monday.
  14. MOD_Hopeful

    September 2017 course

    MDPREC is there an updated copy of the pay scales for the role available anywhere. I've found one but it's from 2013. Can't seem to find an updated version.
  15. MOD_Hopeful

    September 2017 course

    Ah ok. Have you thought about what your going to do? You going to wait until the course starts and try find a flat mate on the same shift as your self, or looking at getting your own place?