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  1. Bradley2602

    Application timescale

    I know, I was surprised too when I received the call! Thought that was going to be a dead cert one of them, then to get offered a London one, was just lovely! Well good luck to everyone who is applying and see all the new recruits on 5th June
  2. Bradley2602

    Application timescale

    Yes as MDPREC states they only offer what they have got at the time. I had put Whitehall down as my second choice with Aldermaston and Burghfield as 1st and 3rd, but due to no places at any of them they offered me Regents Park Barracks. Once again really happy about that as local to where I work now. I didn't think I had a chance at a London station so was set at travelling to Reading, but not answering that call in February has worked out best for me. If you have any questions then speak to your recruiters. They've been very helpful to me throughout and made the application system a lot smoother
  3. Bradley2602

    Application timescale

    I had my medical and final interview on 21st December. I found out I passed the interview a week later but the vetting I found out in middle of February. They don't actually inform you if you passed vetting, so leave it a bit and give your recruiter a call. I only missed out on starting at the End of March due to me not answering my phone and another person accepting the place. It has worked out better for me as I've been offered a London Posting instead of Reading which would have been a much longer travel each day!
  4. Bradley2602

    Application timescale

    I got my contract via email and post today, starting on the June course then posted to Regents Park Barracks. Positive about things to come!