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  1. Wall.3

    Bleep Test

    Honestly even if you are struggling you will find on the day adrenaline takes over and you will run to a level much higher than you first done. I was running 9.2 to practice and felt done in. I got 11.5 on my initial and 11.8 on my final. You'l be fine don't worry about it. Since its went to 5.4 I've never seen anyone even close to fail it. Realistically your 3 warnings mean it's only 5.1 you need to reach which is unbelievably easy. All the best.
  2. Wall.3

    Parking at Jackton

    Longgggg! My initial interview was a year ago and my assessment centre a year ago on the 15th of December! Be comfortable with the competencies and their descriptors. Try and structure scenarios where you hit as many as possible. Just the usual points. Use the star method and revise as much job knowledge as u possibly can. When the initial interviews in the bag the assessment centre is actually enjoyable and I found the interview afyer the practicals easier as the tasks relaxed me bit everyone's different. Just be yourself and don't be overpowering or shy away. All the best!
  3. Wall.3

    Parking at Jackton

    To be honest I've never had an issue getting parked there. Had my final fitness on the 10th of November and there was loads of spaces when I arrived.
  4. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    December hopefuls WhatsApp has started. Message myself or doctorwho if you want added hopefully end up with a fair few!
  5. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    In the exact same position as yourself with the same dates. I would imagine the vetting will be done rather quickly and the SMT test shouldn't be an issue. Id like to know the vetting is passed before I hand in my notice.
  6. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Im up on November the 10th for final fitness. In on the 24th for the vetting review.
  7. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I never got mine either Chris. Choices are Glasgow, Lanarkshire and renfrewshire and inverclyde.
  8. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I got it too. Heading up 24th.
  9. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Not had any indication of an intake atall. Was told way back in December it could be as late as the september. That's been missed now. I'm hoping for December but after waiting so long I've stopped building my hopes up haha!
  10. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I got my provisional offer in December and I'm not sure I'll get on the December intake. The wait is a killer!
  11. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah mate. I got mine mid December and was told maybe June more likely september. But I was told I'm not being considered for September. The wait is unreal.
  12. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm in the same position as yourself. When did you get your provision? You waiting on the west too?
  13. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    To be honest that makes sense. I'm sure previous December intakes attended for a week them the college shut for 2 weeks over Xmas and back into it. May be wrong tho. January seems the better way to do it.
  14. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Small world Haha! Hope we hear something soon!
  15. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was 15th of December where you on that assessment centre?