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  1. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    For those who’ve passed the assessment centre what’s the difference in the second interview to the initial?? I know they ask about another 2 competencies but is there anything else?
  2. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Go for it. Worst they can say is no. Nothing ventured nothing gained
  3. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    G as first choice and Q as second
  4. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Divisions where g as first choice q for second. they said they had put g as a priority recruiting right now as they need the man power
  5. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know some folk are mentioning that west recruiting is going slowly but I’m the opposite. Applied may sat exams last week, had initial interview today which i’m Pleased to say I’ve passed and onto assessment centre next friday
  6. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Will do. Hopefully it’s positive notes I can pass on
  7. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m same with trying not to get to stuck with answers as don’t want to trip myself up if they don’t fit. I sat with a probationer last night and he said that they aren’t looking for “hero” answers to everything just as long as they follow the STAR structure. I’ve a notepad full with different notes on everything fingers crossed
  8. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Confident enough yeah. Feel like I could guide through the police Scotland website with my eyes closed!! Just cramming in final prep/revision today. How you coming along with your prep?
  9. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just out of curiosity. I’ve got mine tomorrow.
  10. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When is your interview?
  11. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    anyone on that sat their SET on Tuesday 10th July?
  12. Wall.3

    Bleep Test

    Honestly even if you are struggling you will find on the day adrenaline takes over and you will run to a level much higher than you first done. I was running 9.2 to practice and felt done in. I got 11.5 on my initial and 11.8 on my final. You'l be fine don't worry about it. Since its went to 5.4 I've never seen anyone even close to fail it. Realistically your 3 warnings mean it's only 5.1 you need to reach which is unbelievably easy. All the best.
  13. Wall.3

    Parking at Jackton

    Longgggg! My initial interview was a year ago and my assessment centre a year ago on the 15th of December! Be comfortable with the competencies and their descriptors. Try and structure scenarios where you hit as many as possible. Just the usual points. Use the star method and revise as much job knowledge as u possibly can. When the initial interviews in the bag the assessment centre is actually enjoyable and I found the interview afyer the practicals easier as the tasks relaxed me bit everyone's different. Just be yourself and don't be overpowering or shy away. All the best!
  14. Wall.3

    Parking at Jackton

    To be honest I've never had an issue getting parked there. Had my final fitness on the 10th of November and there was loads of spaces when I arrived.
  15. Wall.3

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    December hopefuls WhatsApp has started. Message myself or doctorwho if you want added hopefully end up with a fair few!