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  1. 1TILL5

    Is it worth it??

    Also coming to end of my probation, I'd never advice anyone against applying unless they were taking a huge pay cut, only you know and if you've wanted to do it a while i think it's worth seeing for yourself. Personally I could go on for pages about my experiences but for me the biggest shock is just how little i get a "buzz" or "proud feeling".
  2. 1TILL5

    What Courses are worth to have?

    When you say courses i'm not sure. It's about real life experiences
  3. 1TILL5

    Does reality of job change your outlook?

    I agree with a lot of this. Hopefully you're in the job now, if so there's just one thing i'd disagree with in regards to above quote. Your colleagues will not always carry you through. That is a complete myth. You will meet some amazing people & make some great mates but be careful however be careful who you trust. I'll expand if you need me to
  4. did you let them know it's MOD you work for? think it's slightly different being non home office
  5. 1TILL5

    Mental heath in probation

    Apologies for bad spelling. Sent this by accident whilst I was reading through it again.
  6. 1TILL5

    Mental heath in probation

    Hello; In short I believe I've had mental health issues, won't go into it but I genuinely don't think it effects to my job however it's been going on and off for years now so i feel I should speak to someone. basically i'm not sure whether it's best to go to my own go or go through occupational health. i'm in 2 mind: on one hand I think if i go through occ health I might be able to get help off work if i ever need it. On the other hand I fear any adverse diagnosis could effect my probation, as "not mentally" fit for job is one of ways probationers can get dismissed; also I got involved in a VERY MINOR discipline matter a few months ago, this involved a off duty incident, a senior officer asked me i "needed" help however the manner in which he said this was flippant, A
  7. 1TILL5


    manadatory introduction, thanks