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  1. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Those look about right for the competencies. Regarding effective communication, it's not a question as such, more that you're assessed on your ability to communicate effectively throughout the interview. Crap to hear about the intake being cut guys. I passed out of Tully in September last year and been on the street since, can honestly say it's all worth it guys and gals, stick with it and you'll realise that the end results was well worth the wait.
  2. JimmyP

    Application response

    As aero2 said, it might be that something in your application needs to be checked. Where there's a chance that someone might have an issue with vetting (normally a much later stage after the initial job offer has been made if I remember correctly) then the application gets sent to vetting first so as to clarify things earlier. I wouldn't worry. The fact that you've declared things that could in theory pose a problem with your application shows that you have nothing to hide. Much better than not declaring something which you might consider minor.
  3. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    From what recruitment told me they're pushing the Dec intake back to early January so as they don't have to do that break week anymore.
  4. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Something like this still happens but it's not to do with social media presence. My apologies, I didn't mean to say that it was an external company, more that it was separate from the recruitment team :-)
  5. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Not entirely sure about this but I'll throw in what I know. The vetting company is external to PS and usually if there's an issue regarding vetting, the recruitment team are told very little. I do know of people who have failed and then been accepted again on appeal. These companies can and will look for you on social media. I'm not sure if they can see deleted facebook posts but what I would say on the matter is that those posts are never deleted. People have been convicted of inciting racial hatred amongst other offences based on facebook posts that were 'deleted'. Regarding Whatsapp, as far as I'm aware these messages are end encrypted and can't be accessed by anyone who hasn't already got access to them. Most classess at Tulliallan will organise their own Whatsapp group but as someone already mentioned, if you put something on that that someone else might find offensive then end to end encryption doesn't stop that individual going to the Sgt or Inspector and just showing them the message. Regarding what Police Scotland can do post vetting, I know that on my intake the constables did look up all the individuals in their class when they had their list to see what was on public access (twitter, facebook, old bebo pages etc), but if you've got to this point then vetting has been passed and I would be astounded if they found anything genuinely worrying. That said I have heard about people's Magaluf photos being put up on the projector in the past. Remember, if Police Scotland can find those photos, then anyone can. On a more serious note, I might point out that if you (an imaginary individual, not specifically anyone on this post) have things that you genuinely don't want PS to see, mightn't you ask yourself if you're going for the right job? Obviously I can get deleting embarassing photos but if you've put something inflammatory, bigoted or threatening on social media, and you're deleting it so you can join the police...? I'll leave two links here. One is an individual who was convicted after posting offensive remarks on a 'private and encrypted' Whatsapp Group: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/1129766/daniel-cochrane-perth-prison-officer-muslim-catholic-facebook/ And a second concerning an individual convicted after deleted posts were used in evidence against him: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40574754 Hope that helps :-D
  6. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Think it was all the same competencies but it was a different panel, actually had a third sitting in as an extra behind me but he wasn't marking me, just watching. Look at it as the same as the first and you'll do fine.
  7. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    PM me if you like. At Tulliallan just now so the stuff is fresh in my mind :-)
  8. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Interview is exactly the same as before, two panellists (there were three in mine but one was there as a training exercise and was sitting behind me) and six competencies.
  9. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I only just found out last week what area within my division I'm posted to, and haven't yet been told my station. Also heard of people finding out really early then being told week 10/11 that the station is being changed for whatever reason.
  10. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If at 6 you physically cannot run anymore and stop, they will tell you you need to improve for your own wellbeing as well as that of your colleagues. If you walk off at 6 thinking "I passed the requirement a few levels ago, that'll do", they'll rip into you. It shows lack of commitment. Run until you cannot run anymore. You should be able to run 5.4 backwards. What we were told is to forget 5.4 and aim for the old standards (9.2 for males under 30 and 7.4 I think for females). Best of luck.
  11. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    As m3thoudus13 says, communicate well, be heard but don't be overbearing. Take into account opinions and points of view put across by your colleagues (and on that note, bare in mind that if everything goes to plan, the people you will be working alongside will actually be your colleagues, so treat them as such). Be mindful of the code of ethics and also bare in mind that you are being assessed throughout the day. I've heard that they are watching you when you're on lunch break as well but I can't comment as to whether or not that's true; something to bear in mind, anyway. Best of luck, and congrats to those of you who've passed already.
  12. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Cheers. At Tully now and hadn't heard about either of those tidbits.
  13. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just to say I have heard several times that there will not be an intake in December, but I haven't had that confirmed by anyone in recruitment. Might be worth giving them a call to confirm. Can you post a link to this please?
  14. For what it's worth, myself and some colleagues had Edinburgh as first choice and were given J division (2nd choice) whilst many others were given Edinburgh when it was their 2nd choice. Not criticising the way divisions are divvied up, just to make you aware that there seems to be some irregularity in how it's done. Fingers crossed for you.
  15. JimmyP

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Congrats to everyone passing all the stages :-) At Tully just now. Just wanted to make a comment about the Whatsapp group. I started one for the June intake (started it around April or May) but one of the Inputs you'll get is on social media and message apps such as Whatsapp. By all means set one up to help each other out but make sure that you're all aware that if you say something in that group that makes someone else in the group uncomfortable, and they show the chat to a member of the staff here, then everything you have said will be open to them. My advice would be to do what we did: Use the group chat just now so you can all get to know each other but clear and delete it when you all get to Tully. You'll all be split up into classes immediately anyway and being able to chat amongst your class is more helpful than an intake-wide chat. Best of luck guys. You'll love Tully.