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  1. Moo123

    Merseyside Police Jan 2017 Recruitment

    Sorry for late reply, did you contact HR?
  2. Moo123

    Merseyside Police Jan 2017 Recruitment

    My advice would be to contact HR first thing tomorrow morning and declare it. Explain your circumstances and hopefully it will be ok.
  3. Moo123


    Whoever starts on Feb intake has my old trainer.. Paula.. she's great.. enjoy all the laughs!
  4. Moo123


    Yeah they do give you discount but you need to provide a collar number, might be worth a quick call to them in the new year when they reopen after Christmas shutdown to say you have been given a start date is it possible to claim discount. They are really helpful so they might have a solution for you. you will get your collar number as soon as you walk through the doors and sign in at Lea green on your first day, and you will receive your warrant card at your attestation ceremony on the Tuesday of your second week.
  5. Moo123


    Get some altbergs, mine are great! As Jaydee said, no gym but a lot go running first thing of a morning and also a group do some circuits in the soft gym. 7 weeks left for me after the Christmas break. Itching to get out now!
  6. Moo123


    The training is 25 weeks long. At the moment you get a week off on week 12 and week 26. No holidays can be taken during the course apart from on the allocated weeks off. Well done on getting the start date though, you've worked hard for it through the process.
  7. Moo123

    Merseyside 21st November intake

    I'm on week 13 and still haven't found out. No preferences are given though.
  8. Moo123


    Much needed week off next week!! It's good though Mossy.. week 10 is heavy but I survived ?
  9. Moo123


    Yeah I think I seen you guys on your week 10... someone was keeled over against the pads in the gym as we walked past!!
  10. Moo123


    Least we aren't the new kids no more Brad! Good luck to those starting tomorrow!
  11. Moo123


    Moopheus- Altberg offer a police discount, its not a set discount just depends on what you buy. I went for the Ladies Sneeker Elite think they where £149.99 and I got them for £106 I think it was. Give them a call or email their online help, they were really helpful!
  12. Moo123


    Good Luck for the medical/fitness guys!
  13. Moo123


    I've had eczema throughout my time as a Special, only really get it on the creases in my arms, particularly after a cold night shift or a hot day foot patrol. Hasn't ever caused me any trouble though. Recently got a small circular patch from watch strap just onto the edge of my hand, when having my medical for the regulars I was asked some questions about it, it doesn't cause me any pain etc and can be controlled with a mild steroid cream/emollients etc. Doc advised me to wear gloves when dealing with members of the public, as the skin defence is weaker on that particular part. 2 months after my medical and its disappeared anyway!! Good luck with your application :)
  14. Moo123


    Certainly am, I tried to private message you.. Don't think it worked. I have a whatsapp group with 5 others that are on the intake if your interested
  15. Moo123


    Well done Mossy, will be seeing you around Lea Green!