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  1. Sparky1992

    Weathersfeild for training

    It's completely up to you. Some people bring two pairs so they have a separate pair for firearms training and a parade pair to keep gleaming. Others just take the one pair and bull them up gleaming for the final week.
  2. Sparky1992

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    Good luck! Hope everyone gets the results they want :)
  3. Sparky1992

    DV query.

    Okay thank you for your help, just curious :)
  4. Sparky1992

    DV query.

    Good afternoon all, I just had a query that I was wondering if anyone would have any knowledge on. I was just wondering what would happen to a recruit if they commenced initial training and then later found out for whatever reason that they were unsuccessful at developed vetting? Would the recruit remain in employment? Just to settle my curiosity :) Many thanks!
  5. Sparky1992

    South East Allowance query.

    Many thanks for your responses :)
  6. Good afternoon all! I was wondering if anyone could possibly enlighten me as to whether AWE Burghfield also receives an additional pay allowance that it states AWE Aldermaston does on the website? Just wondering as I'm trying to calculate my finances with regards to relocating. Many thanks!
  7. Sparky1992

    Assessment centre - February 2017

    Best of luck to you all :)
  8. Sparky1992

    January intake

    Hoping for either Portsmouth as it's local, or AWE. I'm willing to relocate though [emoji1360]
  9. Sparky1992

    January intake

    Good luck, potential recruit! I'm also hoping for March. Passed all stages now as far as I'm aware, narrowly missed out on the January intake I believe. Fingers crossed! ?
  10. Sparky1992

    Assessment Centre Nov 9/10 2016

    Good luck all :)
  11. Sparky1992

    Assessment Centre Nov 9/10 2016

    Hey, when I did mine I initially went in a suit then changed into jeans and a t shirt, most people were fairly casual with a few being smartly dressed, I don't think it really mattered for day one as there is no interview etc :) best of luck!
  12. Sparky1992

    Final Interview

    Good luck! Remember to be confident and relax as much as you can (sometimes easier said than done, I know) and you'll be fine ?
  13. Sparky1992

    Final Interview

    I hope everyone's final interviews and medicals went okay! Good luck all
  14. Sparky1992


    I've also got my medical and final interview on 28th October. Hoping for Portsmouth or AWE but willing to relocate ??
  15. Sparky1992

    Final Interview

    Hi there, Does anyone have any advice for the Final Interview? I haven't heard of it before and wondered what to expect? Many thanks!