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  1. Cheers stb1850, Im hoping for any of the Glasgow ones.
  2. I'm the same, Hopefully everything goes smoothly! Been a long wait since applying March last year so hoping its not long before we receive the call to confirm our place at Tulliallan on the 27th!
  3. Have you started going through the pre-employment checks etc now Taypol? or are you still receiving updates to confirm you are still in the pool.
  4. Hi Frisby, I am also at the same stage as yourself, I know someone who got into the August intake & starts in 2 weeks. Olivia mentioned at the assesment centre that the talk was August & January intakes, So im guessing we'll keep getting the same monthly email until december until the other pre employment stages begin (hopefully)
  5. J__


    Hi to everyone, Im currently applying for BTP scotland and looking to gain some info from others in the same process. Thanks