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  1. Forthcop

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    My dates were as follows, 08/02/17 - Apllication submitted 01/05/17 - Fitness 08/06/17 - Assessment Centre 27/06/17 - Medical 01/08/17 - Final Fitness 14/09/17 - Notified of Posting 27/09/17 Started at Tulli I have been told they should be aiming for similar timescales.
  2. Forthcop

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Assessment centre was 4th June
  3. Forthcop

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I had my medical 04/07 and then final fitness on 01/08
  4. Forthcop

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have my FF and smt on 01/08. Spoke to recruitment today and all is on track for September.
  5. Forthcop

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The first thing they do at medical is a urine test. I wouldn't take the chance.
  6. Forthcop

    New Member

    Currently a serving officer within police scotland Looking to offer advice and gain some knowledge