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  1. Hi Warren

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you out the blue. I've read a thread regarding hearing aids. I've just found out I drop at the 4khz range so high frequency loss in both ears. I'm trying to make a case to OH not to bin me. One thing I am keen to find out is whether there is a negative impact on ability to use the radio. My understanding is that the audio output of a mobile is approx 3.4khz which if the same for police radio, means I'd hear exactly the same as anyone else as my hearing is fine at that range. If in a loud environment, I'd simply increase the volume the same as anyone else would have to do. 

    Also concerned that there seems to be a perception around inability to hear high pitch voices in a loud environment as I am yet to come across someone screaming for help who doesn't do so loudly.

    I'm happy to take any  job restrictions in terms of firearms, dog handling etc. I just don't want to be in the scrap heap as seems a bit harsh. Also happy to do any functional tests.

    Appreciate any advice you may be able to offer.



  2. Warren55

    Police Officers with hearing aids

    I was told it was mainly around 70 but sometimes it peaked up to 80 when lorries and buses were driving past. And I was told the same. The audio test they do is for without hearing aids. Apparently you would have to go elsewhere to do another test with hearing aids. I did speech recognition test with an audiologist which gave me an idea of how much I can hear with and without hearing aids. As for the radio, it think it's really up to me. The sargant I spoke to the other day said he pretty much never uses his radio piece unless he's in an extremely busy area like a football ground. He said he doesn't like the feeling of sometging being inside you hearing. But if I do wear the radio piece, I will just take one hearing aid out.
  3. Warren55

    Police Officers with hearing aids

    Yea, they were testing the decibels in the background to make sure it was a realistically busy enviroment. Thank you very much.
  4. Warren55

    Police Officers with hearing aids

    And just to confirm, I have two hearing aids.
  5. Warren55

    Police Officers with hearing aids

    This is an old topic but I would just like to inform to others about the situation and anyone else with a hearing loss. So after completing my medical, I failed the hearing test. With documents from an audiologist, I was able to show results from a speech recognition test that I can hear quite near perfectly with hearing aids. The occupational health lady(I'm not sure of her professional name) passed my report and results to a doctor who then passed it onto the Police Training Institute(PTI). A separate appointment was made to do a risk assessment performed by an Health and Safety Advisor. I attended the station where a Sargent and the H&S Advisor informed me that I will be going to the town centre near a busy road and repeating back the jobs from the Sarg that were communicated over the radio. The H&S stood next to me with a noise reader where I had to receive messages from the Sarg at the station. While he was saying the messages, I had to write them down correctly. When we finished, we went back to the station and compared it with the sarg and I got them all correct. So, if you're like me and you've got a hearing loss- you can still join even with hearing aids.
  6. Warren55

    Police Officers with hearing aids

    Ah wow, that honestly sucks so much. I've been wanting to join the Police since I was 7 and did a two year course only to find out it went no way and I chased a job I may not be able to do. I do not see why someone with a hearing loss, who without being bias, is able to perform the same duties as any other Officer be refused? The health and safety risks can all be eliminated.
  7. Hello, I have a high frequency hearing loss but with hearing aids I am perfectly fine. I do not struggle with conversations and I would not propose a risk to myself, colleagues or the public. But my question is, have you seen Police Officers with two hearing aids? Are they allowed? The Police are required to provide 'reasonable adjustments' so I do not see why they would not be allowed, it would be the same as joining with an eye sight issue which subjects you to glasses. Arguments I've heard; Radio and hearing aids will not fit- You can wear in the canal hearing aids along with the radio piece They may get knocked off when tackling someone- Hearing aids in general are very sturdy and I've never had one completely fall out, you can also wear in-the-canal hearing aids again. You may lose one(health and safety again)- the officer can hold a spare one
  8. Hello! I'm currently an applicant to join the Nottinghamshire Constabulary as a Special Constable. For part time I work at a Tesco Extra store as customer service assistant. For my age I consider myself ambitious, mature and disciplined. I have a big interest in science, mainly physics, and enjoy spending time outdoors or on expeditions across the country.