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  1. CraigB

    Mental heath in probation

    Hi I would recommend you speak to the Police Federation as soon as possible about your issue. All conversations are private and they can give you the correct advice if needed. I've seen a leaflet at work which identifies that the Federation offers advice on these types of issues. You have a duty of care to yourself and you must take care of your personal wellbeing. If you need any advice just send us a private message.
  2. Yes I did. Finally got a reply from HR who said I couldn't join as a new recruit due to me being an active Constable. Werid thing is a met a person who is in the same situation as me and he was allowed to apply. I think they have just misunderstood my email. I'm gonna just put in an application form anyways when recruitment opens.
  3. CraigB


    I was hoping to apply as a new recruit but since I'm a current serving constable I've been advised by WYP to see out my probation then transfer.
  4. Hello I'm currently working as an AFO with the MDP. I'm interested in transferring to WYP but at the moment I'm only 6 months into the job. I'm just looking for advice on if I'm better waiting till my probation ends to transfer or try to apply as a new recruit when recruitment opens. I've contacted WYP HR about my interest but haven't had any replies. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. CraigB

    Positivity ?

    I would just like to say I have finished my first week of training as an MOD Police Officer and it is bar far the best thing I have done in a long time. I recommend everyone to try this career out for themselves regardless of doubts or negative things you may have heard.
  6. CraigB

    Positivity ?

    Well said couldn't agree more. Can't wait to find out for myself.
  7. Read something similar about this last year. I could see this happening throughout the entire UK. https://thelochsidepress.com/2016/10/13/mod-police-to-increase-role-across-the-whole-area/
  8. CraigB

    Positivity ?

    Good idea buddy there's too much negativity surrounding the MDP on here. I read most comments even the negative ones because I believe there's something to learn from every comment. I'm looking forward to starting the role but If it's not for me I know where the door is.
  9. CraigB

    January intake

    I got confirmed last week.
  10. CraigB

    Application timescale

    I've waited just a bit less than you. I've been told I'm on the January course if it goes ahead so hopefully not much longer to wait.
  11. CraigB

    Based At Easington

    I found out this morning. I wasn't given a list since I put I'll go anywhere. I'm pretty happy with the location for now. I know a person who is on the same course and has the same location.
  12. Just found out I'll be based at Easington after the January course if it goes ahead. Just wondering if anyone else has been giving the same location? Also if anyone wants to house share if needed?
  13. CraigB

    Assessment Centre Nov 9/10 2016

    My vetting was completed since last week but I've not heard anything. I hope they give me a start date soon.
  14. CraigB

    Assessment Centre Nov 9/10 2016

    I respect that. Use that drive and determination and you can't go far wrong. I hope you did well. I wish you all the best and hoped you enjoyed the experience. Just remember if you receive any step backs for any reason learn from your mistakes and come back stronger.
  15. CraigB

    Final Interview

    Thanks for the heads up and your advice is always welcomed. I'm hoping for January but if not March it is.