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  1. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    Yeah going to Glasgow.
  2. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    Did you get V Division?
  3. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    Information received from recruitment. I had U Division as my first choice.
  4. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    As far as I am aware there are no U Division recruits on this intake. but don't take my word on that.
  5. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    just had my offer.☺️
  6. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    Vetting normally just goes on in the background and no news is good news.
  7. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    Best if I keep going then.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  8. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    Just a wee reminder that they informed us last Friday that final offers will go out on the basis of who needs the most notice.
  9. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Please don't over complicate things. Understanding the competency is the key and if you use the star method effectively you should hit the descriptors without over thinking on them. (just my opinion) Good Luck
  10. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    They must be cutting it close to the wire as it will take at least a week to have the results of the SMTs all back. A week on Monday will be the four week notice period.
  11. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    They don't normally go out until four weeks before a start date.
  12. 1869

    December Intake Thread

    They are still doing SMTs and final fitness for December.
  13. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I would concentrate on making sure you understand the competencies as they will put questions to you in ways you wont expect so having a sound understanding will let you adjust your answers to suit. This is just my opinion however.
  14. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    As far as I am aware vetting happens before you will be asked for a final fitness and smt. (after your medical) It normally goes on behind the scenes and you wont know anything about it unless there is a problem.
  15. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've been working as a Special for over a year now and have enjoyed it every shift. It may just give you that little bit of extra confidence and experience for a second attempt. However it will not give you any special treatment as far as recruitment goes, but it will let you understand what the job entails. Good luck and keep your chin up.