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  1. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    As far as I am aware vetting happens before you will be asked for a final fitness and smt. (after your medical) It normally goes on behind the scenes and you wont know anything about it unless there is a problem.
  2. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've been working as a Special for over a year now and have enjoyed it every shift. It may just give you that little bit of extra confidence and experience for a second attempt. However it will not give you any special treatment as far as recruitment goes, but it will let you understand what the job entails. Good luck and keep your chin up.
  3. 1869

    Medical and smt

    No. The hair sample from your head must be 3cm long. If that's not possible they can take from your legs which doesn't need to be as long. Mine was taken from my arm pits.
  4. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You will almost certainly not hear until four weeks before a start date.
  5. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think it just means that they will now be accepting applications for those areas . Application for those areas has been suspended for some time now with the exeption of an application from Specials and Police staff.
  6. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    None of us knew what sub division or station when arriving at Tulliallan but we were all aware of what division.
  7. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You will be given your Division before you go to Tulliallan. Once there you will find out what sub division and station.
  8. 1869

    Am I Eligible?

    They cant make you retire at 60 ( would that not fly in the face of the diversity teachings) ageism! Or can they make you go at 60?
  9. 1869

    Medical and smt

    They will check your eyesight with and without your glases. The smt is taken from your hair. I have no idea what they check for though.
  10. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The vetting part of the application does not ask for any household bills. Just any loans, credit cards, car finance ect. or have I missed something.
  11. The Specials will help with regards to job knowledge. It will also give you an insight as to whether the job is for you or not. People who haven't worked as a Special often get a huge culture shock when they go on shift.
  12. 1869

    Specials - June intake

    Its Monday to Friday only and it is a fantastic three weeks.
  13. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Calculators are provided (at least they were when I did mine) I don't think you will be allowed to use your own.
  14. 1869

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Trust me you will not be in the higher ages at 26. there are people over fifty joining these days.