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  1. Had the exact same thing happen to me re withdrawn offfer ( was due to start on training course on 26th June)

    Have you had any further contact? I'm still waiting ...........

  2. yaanu2011

    Offer withdrawn

    Thanks SammyB and Chris92 for clarifying as you both were right. Lately I received email form Met HR that they are still waiting for an external check to be returned. see below their reply below "You may have received an email informing you that your file isn't complete.We will continue to process your application in order to make your file complete and ready to join the next available intake. However due to unforeseen circumstances we were required to amend your start date due to a reduced capacity at our training school department. Please accept our apologies for this change and the inconvenience this may have caused. We are looking forward to meeting you in the future and for you to commence your training for your new career as a PC with the Met. Once again, I am sorry to inform you of this and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on this. Kind regards, Post Selection Volume Recruitment " BUT AT THE END I MUST SAY THAT THIS IS TOTAL HR MESS AS THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. WHY THEY GAVE ME CONDITIONAL OFFER ON THE BASIS OF IN COMPLETE VETTING EVEN THOUGH I CONFIRMED WITH THEM MULTIPLE TIMES. AND FINALLY THEY WITHDRAWN IT. SADLY I MUST SAY I HAD IT WITH MET ALREADY. HOW EMBARRASSING IT WAS FOR ME TO RETRACTING MY RESIGN FROM MY CURRENT JOB. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.
  3. yaanu2011

    Offer withdrawn

    I have just received an email from MET saying that due to one or more aspects of my file still outstanding there the conditional offer to start on 26th June is now withdrawn I will be notified again once that get completed. I am really confused that does that means my vetting failed. I have replied but no answer yet. Anyone has any idea about similar experience. My hopes are shattered ??
  4. Hi, Can anyone share their experience of online CKP course for the benefit of anyone thinking to pursue CKP through online. Please let me know positive or negative feedback. Thanks.
  5. yaanu2011

    Training start date 31st July

    Congratulations on getting through. You should check with Metropolitan university they are starting their next batch in 22nd April 2017 till 15 July 2017. email for course booking to i.fairley@londonmet.ac.uk For online option check E-Laws Hope above helps.
  6. Hi everyone, can someone help me by providing HR post selection team contact number? I am not getting anywhere with hr.postslectionteam@met.police.co.uk Thanks in advance.
  7. yaanu2011

    26th June 2017 Intake

    Thanks for your reply. The only way to contact post selection team is by email only unless you have any contact number ? Cheers
  8. yaanu2011

    26th June 2017 Intake

    First of all many Congratulations for getting through. I am very surprised that you received the offer just after couple of weeks. I passed my Day 2 in October 2016 and only received the offer on 5th of March 2017. My overall recruitment time is 1 year. The fact puzzled me most that why HR has offered me a conditional offer with a pretext of vetting clearance still outstanding!!!. Surely 6 months time should be good enough for them to complete my vetting and then should offered me a Formal offer with only 1 condition of CKP. My present job requires me to give 3 months notice and the way they are processing I am quite confused that should I hand in my notice to my present job or not on the basis of too many conditions in the offer. "As they say in the offer that Some applicants resign from their current employer on the basis of a conditional offer from us, seeking an earlier start date. This is a matter for you but until the relevant reference and vetting checks have been completed satisfactorily your conditional offer is subject to change or withdrawal." This above making me worried.
  9. yaanu2011

    26th June 2017 Intake

    Hi Is anyone got the conditional offer for June intake? I have received the offer but it says subject to successful vetting clearance. Does this means my vetting is still on progress? Also it's been a week as I have replied them with acceptance of offer. But I have not received any acknowledgement from HR. I feel it's a big risk to resign from my current employment. Please guide as what to do in this situation. My current employment requires 3 month notice to obtain satisfactory reference.
  10. yaanu2011

    Day 2 Jrft Failed

    Hi there, I had my Day 2 assessment done 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I failed the beet (JRFT) test soon as the lever 5 started and missed couple of beeps and failed. They have now given 6 weeks time for Re-test and I am working towards it. My questions is that although I am failed in my Day 2 but will I get the start date with my batch (provided I pass JRFT on 23/9/16) or my application is now delayed without any doubt??. Also I was hoping to start CKP if I would pass my Day 2 as I do not want to waste it. Does anyone know that I should start CKP now ?? or wait till my test pass date and then start CKP?? Thanks
  11. yaanu2011


    Thanks very much. Looking forward to ask some questions in this forum
  12. yaanu2011


    Hi Everyone, I am a new applicant with MET. Just failed my DAY2 on 10-8-16 due to beep test and now they have given me 6 weeks time to re-take the beep test. By profession I am IT Service desk analyst and looking to change career and wanted to join MET as PC. Well thats about it. Hope to become an active member for this Forum. regards,