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  1. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    There are 2 people going to V division in my class and they both found out their stations roughly week 3
  2. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nope unfortunately not, no inclination at all, as @hutclis said, most of us were handing out notices in before final offers were sent out. Yup, there are a good few people at the college here who are having to relocate quite a distance, and whilst you find out your division 2 weeks before you start, you don't find out your station until you are midway through the course (obviously some divisions like Dumfries and Galloway are massive, I know one guy who got his first division choice, but his station posting is 2 hours away from where he lives..) Fingers crossed for you though buddy!
  3. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You'll get your division posting about 2 weeks before you actually start at the college
  4. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, I was given a medical appointment roughly 2 weeks after my AC, but bear in mind that was almost a year ago and when Fettes was still open for recruitment. I believe your medics is valid for 1 year but I’m not 100% sure. And, again not 100%, but I believe your GP forms are valid for a good while, basically on the discretion of the nurse who does your medical, but I’d say 6 months to a year tops for that?
  5. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Parking is fine, you’ll definitely get a space if you’re there first thing in the morning, say 9am? Attire-wise, business dress for the exams, PE kit for the fitness test, and there are changing rooms 🙂
  6. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I found out that evening I believe, I would definitely give them a call 🙂
  7. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yup, tell a lie / my bad, it is a competency question!
  8. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I think so, minus the communication one. Double check your email inviting you to the AC because it states very clearly which competencies they’re assessing in which part of the day 🙂
  9. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m fairly certain “leadership” is assessed in the morning activities and not a question in the afternoon interview, so they’re looking at your leadership skills when working in your small group to navigate the tasks. I did my AC back in Aug 2017 though so don’t quote me on the leadership question/it may have changed?
  10. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Depends on what intake you're progressing towards; if you're looking at September you'll probably have your FF/SMT late July/August (the FF has to be within 8 weeks of your start date) 🙂
  11. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I did mine at Jackton and they said they’re doing a lot of “background processes” right now, and you probably won’t hear from them until roughly the same time as your notice period comes up, e.g. 1 month before the June intake start date (And not to call them before that because it slows down their department). They said they’d be looking to get final offers letters out in line with notice periods. And with regards to SMT, no news is good news, you’ll only hear back if something has shown up
  12. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    8 weeks for the FF and 3 months for the SMT
  13. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nice one! See you there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Fairly certain you’re given the details to book the fitting appointment (yourself) at the FF/SMT, that’s what I’ve heard from past recruits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. mountaingoat44

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi guys, just got my invite to FF/SMT on 2/5/18, I’m E division Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk