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  1. MikeLowrey

    Medical for Suffolk Police

    Great news! Looking forward to working with you!
  2. MikeLowrey

    Medical for Suffolk Police

    You also need to remember that it is up to the FMD (force medical doctor). He has to evaluate the risk and if you don't meet the criteria, the doctor won't run the risk.
  3. MikeLowrey

    Start date/CKP invite HELP!

    What is CKP sorry? I dont think we have it here. Your reference is usually requested when your vetting starts, probably be your 2 personal references and employers up to 3 years.
  4. MikeLowrey


    Give it a few weeks then contact your HR Recruitment.
  5. MikeLowrey

    Norfolk Regs

    Make sure you go and do some visits! Suffolk police are extremely accommodating, go out on a drive along with them, spend the morning at a police station, prepare lots of questions before. I'd recommend looking at Police National Decision Making Model and applying those steps to your past experiences. I'd be more than happy to answer some questions for you, but the best interviews are the ones that are compared to real life. Just be yourself! Be real! Good luck!
  6. MikeLowrey

    Start date/CKP invite HELP!

    Id phone the headquarters that youre applying to and ask to be transferred to HR?
  7. MikeLowrey

    Case Investigator

    Id always recommend having a look at the Police National Decision Making Model, which will give you an excellent insite to whats expected.
  8. MikeLowrey

    Start date/CKP invite HELP!

    Have you not got a contact phone number?
  9. MikeLowrey

    Norfolk Regs

    Well done!!! See you soon then!
  10. MikeLowrey

    Norfolk Regs

    Good luck!!! The tests are easy, the most points are up for grabs in the interview and the role play. For the interview, focus on the 6 bits (opened to change etc) and relate each one to a situation that you've been in. In the role play, don't try and come to a solution, you aren't an officer yet and you aren't expected to know that. Take as many notes, re-affirm the facts and gather more facts if you find a grey area. Other than that, be yourself, smile and relax! Let us know how it goes!!
  11. MikeLowrey

    Norfolk Regs

    That's very true BlueBoy85. Got to make it past this fitness first ?
  12. I love the 'We are the ones you may not want – but, one day, might just need' line. It beautifully reflects the negative image imprinted on peoples minds.
  13. MikeLowrey

    Norfolk Regs

    Ill totally let you off ha! I was under the impression they would share the recruitment proces as they are joined?! Anyway, Uniform fitting tomorrow, silly question, can i take a photo to show my parents?
  14. MikeLowrey

    Norfolk Regs

    Thanks Sammy. How did you find your fitness? Was it done at Martlesham? I believe i was told the push/pull was 15kg. Is this right?
  15. MikeLowrey


    That's what I'm hoping, I Paid them off almost immediately so that should reflect well I hope. It's crazy how you don't think things would effect your normal life and career! Did you declare your payments?