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  1. carlos the jackal

    Cuts, the Job and when to just say no

    I've got no problem with helping protect paramedics from potentially violent people even if most of the time its unlikely. What upsets me is when my senior management whinge about detection rates and response times and all the other performance guff when I have been going to jobs like that. All the super ambitious thrusters avoid griefy jobs like the plague as they wont get a pat on the head for doing them. We need a royal commission on policing
  2. carlos the jackal

    Essex policewoman jailed for 'rape lie'

    I have a lot of sympathy for detectives as they obviously have a much higher workload than I. I have a very mercenary attitude to work. I'm certainly not the best copper out there but I am unlikely to be off with a stress related illness anytime soon. To all the tecs reading this do you feel as if you couldn't ask to go back to uniform as that would feel like a demotion? Putting the public before your own needs is commendable but certainly not sustainable.
  3. carlos the jackal

    Essex policewoman jailed for 'rape lie'

    She plead guilty, unlikely that would have happened if there had been a systematic failure. If you cant manage your workload you need to tell your supervisors in writing, not square up a serious crime.
  4. carlos the jackal

    Transferring from Fire Brigade

    Mate, isnt there any part time study or something that you could do to fill your time at work? Or join the armed forces reserves? I'm about to go in for a late turn so I don't have time to type a proper answer but I'd think long and hard before joining the job at the moment. There are great specialist roles in the Met but most of them involve completely sacrificing your family/home life. I'd echo the comments above, we are busy but most of the 'work' we do is gash...
  5. carlos the jackal

    Resist Arrest

    I'd agree with the comments above. As a police officer your feelings don't matter at all. Have you thought about summonsing him for setting his dog on you? Its a town police clauses act offence and wouldn't need CPS to authorise a charge. I'd have a word with a friendly custody sergeant and take their advice about that. Or you could just put it down to experience... By the sound of the individual you described its more than likely you will meet him again which may or may not influence how you deal with him... I take it you have submitted an intel report so your colleagues know he sets his dog on police?
  6. carlos the jackal

    Ray Mears on tracking Raoul Moat

    Ray Mears is the man! You wouldn't ask Bear Grylls to do that would you...
  7. carlos the jackal

    Transfer to the Met!

    Well I think they would closely study your skill set and previous experience, thoroughly interview you about your aspirations and career development options whilst coming up with a detailed five year plan about how this will fit in with the needs of the organization as well as giving you a role that enables you to stretch yourself and develop further as a police constable.... No not really, it'll probably be names pulled out of a beat helmet. Seriously.
  8. carlos the jackal

    Should/ can I sue the job?

    If your fed rep isn't being much help then phone the metfed direct and ask for someone who is experienced in that area to give you advice. If you can't face doing that yourself then see if you can get a mate to do it on your behalf. Have you got the money for your own brief? See if you can make a deal with law firm ie. no win no fee? You need proper advice, you're unlikely to get it here.
  9. carlos the jackal

    Sharp increase in number of officers quitting Police Scotland

    You are going to get these problems no matter where you work... Whats happening to your pensions? Last I heard you were not going to implement any of windsor's recommendations?
  10. carlos the jackal

    Sharp increase in number of officers quitting Police Scotland

    Hmm not good news really. I grew up in a rural area but have no experience policing one, I've only worked in London. Sounds like you have the same problems as we do down here, lack of funding and blinkered bosses who would do anything to get up the greasy pole. No-one involves operational staff in planning or decision making, I could go on too... Scotland is seen by english police as the last bastion of common sense in the UK, are you saying that this is no longer the case? I'm trying to think of a police force that covers two major cities, a large number of fair sized towns and an extensive wilderness area, and three groups of islands, the only one that comes to mind is RCMP but I know that Vancouver, Toronto etc have their own police departments.
  11. carlos the jackal

    Horse riders volunteer to help police crackdown on crime

    Wouldn't they be out clip clopping around on their gee gees anyway? This does seem like an bit of a waste of time to me. If you are out exercising your horse and see someone fly tipping then shouldn't you phone the police anyway? Or do you need a high viz riding helmet to exercise some civic responsibility? They have no more power than a member of the public so here's an idea, lets keep them as members of the public... Does anyone here really think that a team of organized burglars ie. the kind who will be targeting isolated houses will be deterred by some local worthies riding around in high viz gear? Does this mean that these communities will have even less contact with warranted officers now that these volunteers will be 'patrolling'? I smell community engagement evidence for someones 'portfolio'...
  12. carlos the jackal

    Should I transfer to the Met?

    We are treated like morons and not trusted to do the simplest of tasks without intrusive supervision. Many supervisors are poor police officers and were promoted due to their ability to tick diversity boxes and spout corporate jargon. Due to poor planning there are periodically surges in recruitment ie. 'we need 5000 new officers by next week' this results in some people being given warrant cards who are wholly unsuited to police work and would struggle holding down a job collecting shopping trolleys at Lidl. These people will all be on your team. Next year there will be 3000+ part one qualified PC's competing for 19 sergeant vacancies (this is a rumour and cant be verified). If you work on a squad and aren't a DC you are merely a constable wearing jeans and trainers (DAC Byrne's comment not that long ago) Our IT systems and procedures are terribly wasteful and inefficient. Apart from all that, I am lucky enough to work in one of the most famous police stations in the world, my colleagues are mostly brilliant, work isn't boring but not too busy, there's enough of us that I can get leave mostly when I want, there are a lot of specialist posts and departments to apply for, its easy to get good evidence for any application form and build up your CV etc etc. You'll still qualify for free travel so go for it, what have you got to lose?
  13. carlos the jackal

    Sharp increase in number of officers quitting Police Scotland

    Would you care to expand on that a bit? I'm considering transferring next year as I want to move my family back to Scotland. I did hear that a lot of officers in Aberdeen has left to work offshore and I can see why but big numbers leaving across the country tells a story. You got less of a shafting than we did so why the exodus?
  14. carlos the jackal

    #AntiWinsorNetwork is alive!

    Ok feck it, wear whatever you want. Can I have my pension back please...
  15. carlos the jackal

    #AntiWinsorNetwork is alive!

    The only reason his position has in the past come with a uniform is that it has always been done by a senior police officer who, despite a long period of time driving a desk has once upon a time turned up at a domestic, touched a dead body and walked the streets on a night duty. He has done none of those things, has never done any uniformed public service and does not have the right to wear a uniform of any description. When he was in line for this job he could have been sworn in as a special and done a few shifts at the coal face but he chose not to. This latest development bothers me because it gives us all an insight into whats inside his head and to be honest I'm even more worried about the job than I was before now.