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  1. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    A little incentive to boost your level is 1- the people around you will spur you on to a higher level and 2- think of the cop that reaches say level 12+, they are counting on you to be by their side when they are getting their head kicked in or facing someone with a knife etc.... fitness isn't for you, it's for your partner next to you and vice-versa
  2. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    you may get asked both, but remember our biggest partner is not an agency but the public. (Got me some good feedback)
  3. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If I remember correctly, they went through the list of us there and confirmed what they still required. For example mine was just awaiting references and they asked me to chase it up! Another was final vetting clearance and reference.
  4. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If you feel like your waffling, just stop ask them to repeat the question and start again. It happened to me and shows that you are aware you're waffling and are not afraid to correct yourself! I got good feedback for that!
  5. ABZ1803

    SET and Fitness Test

    That's exactly what happens in North! SETs/Fitness, couple of weeks then initial interview, maybe 4-6 weeks for AC, 1-2 weeks medical, uniform fitting arranged by yourself, then it's just a waiting game for vetting, when that is clear 8 weeks before intake final fitness! A Div is still a priority I think so could all be done and dusted possibly for Sept intake! good luck
  6. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    "Tell me about a time when you're personal emotions effected your work and how did you deal with this?" I spoke about a particularly difficult period in my personal life, how it affected the people I worked with and how I moved forward and learned from it. hope this gives you an idea, if you like pm me and I will explain further if needed
  7. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    A real question instead of BMI!!! I did, just ask for one when you are getting your GP to do the medical questionnaire. As for folk worrying about BMI, if you had done your "research" you would have known it was 18-30 prior to applying so there really is no excuse to leave it to the last minute to worry about!! #justsayin
  8. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    For those going through A Div. last year I had AC in Nov and medical the week after! I had uniform fitting between xmas and new year. I also received e-mail invite to final fitness & SMT that week (to be held end of January). when I was at FF I got told vetting was clear and just reference required, the final offer came through 8 weeks prior to start date at Tulli. (Which was 27/03/2017). I would imagine timescales are still the same for A Div. so at least if you are past AC stage you have an idea of how it will progress from now
  9. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just finished there today, 70 multiple choice questions, 1.5 mins per question closed book! Learn the definitions! They are more important than you may imagine!
  10. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The 5 years thing will be for referees, medical questionnaire required your full medical history! Also you will need your immunisation record so ask for that at the same time you hand in your questionnaire, otherwise they may try and charge you for that also!
  11. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I wouldn't mind getting the people I know in on this too
  12. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have a wee what'sapp group with 4 others that I know. Send me a pm and I'll add you in! Or alternatively start a new one
  13. ABZ1803

    Shift pattern question

    Perfect thanks
  14. ABZ1803

    Shift pattern question

    What are the shift hours for the above?
  15. ABZ1803

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    A wee tip aswell, take your notes with you to read over as it can sometimes be a long wait in the afternoon. Also speak to the other candidates as they may have some knowledge that you are unsure of and vice versa! Enjoy it, ian