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  1. I see I missed it in the title- Record Deletion Process. You state you have convictions (unless traffic related) which means you have been to court and found guilty of an offence. The NPCC website states you can't apply under the RDP process for convictions at court unless convicted under an excluded offence. Any vetting process for a police role would be an enhanced DBS check which would show things like arrests and non-convictions so if you have had things deleted under the RDP process I would imagine vetting would still discover them.
  2. Irn-Gru

    Is it worth it?

    Tiffatto- if you're joining the NCA then i would imagine you are very unlikely to get involved in any physical confrontations as from my experience they are primarily investigators and when they do execute a warrant they have local police to attend with them anyway.
  3. I am currently going through the transfer process. I completed the assessment centre and final interview earlier this year. There were quite a few detectives from other forces on my assessment day who wanted to know if they could go straight into CID and the response from the recruitment Chief Inspector at Jackton was that all transferees go straight onto uniform front line duties but they did say they would be welcome to apply for any vacancies that come up the same as everybody else once you are in as there isn't a time restriction on having to wait before you can apply for a new role.
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    Good afternoon. Long time lurker on the forums. First time poster. Thought it was about time to start joining in.