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  1. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I went up today, didn’t wear a suit - jus went through the form to confirm all was still correct and signed a form to say there had been no changes since my medical.
  2. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yep - got mine !!
  3. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    West for me Chris, A/C was Dec '16 - really hoping i'm going in December. What's your area and when was your A/C?
  4. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What Divisions in West have you applied for? The following is published on the Police Scotland website:- "Due to the high volume of applications already received and to enable recruitment activities to focus on our projected demand levels over the coming months, with effect from 10 July 2017 the following divisions will temporarily not be available for selection by new applicants: G, Q, K, U and L (West Dunbartonshire only)."
  5. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was mate
  6. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Got my offer December, gutted ain't going in September but hopefully we'll be the next intake (December) !!
  7. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If anyone is interested, we've a whatsapp group chat for those hopeful of being invited onto the September intake. Any issues with the link below PM your number and we'll get you added in. https://chat.whatsapp.com/JX8gu6DQfhkBVT2PnIgvm2
  8. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    people always tell you that they enjoyed the experience, it is a great day. When they were telling me this i just smiled and nodded, secretly thinking aye right, how can you enjoy something like that with all the pressure on you to be successful. However, i really enjoyed it, it was a great day - the challenges are testing and you get a real buzz from the teamwork. Make yourself heard, but don;t be overpowering, let other people talk and if you notice someone who isn't then go out of your way to get them involved. So yeah, i can honesly say relax and 'enjoyed the experience'... :)
  9. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That sounds positive - we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed !!
  10. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm the same timescale as you guys - really hoping for September intake !!
  11. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Can i ask, what is the final exam like at Tulliallan - is it questions requiring essay type answers? required to quote laws/acts? open or closed book? and how long does it last?
  12. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Becky - a friend, also going through West, who passed the A/C before me called a few weeks ago and spoke to recruitment regarding progress. They told him it would hopefully be September, but it not, then March 2018 as there is no December intake.
  13. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I applied last August, passed the Assessment day in December and am really hoping that i get on the September intake - I was told that there is no December 2017 intake, so if not September then it's next March
  14. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    My provisional offer was also December, I was initially told March, and if not March then June - i've since been told by recruitment that i would likely be in the September or December intake and that as yet, my vetting had not been started as it is time limited. I guess we all just have to play the waiting game... it'll be our turn soon !!
  15. DoctorWho

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Oh no, that's not really ideal is it that they didn't even ask your name - so frustrating when you consider how much you've put into the recruitment its gonna be so worth it in the end tho, just gotta keep our fingers crossed we're Team September !!