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  1. Hi all. When I was 13 I mixed with the wrong person, sucame to peer pressure and ended up stealing something. We recieved some words of advice from an officer before I was sent on my way. A crime report was submitted however it states I was briefly arrested (which is incorrect to the best of my knowledge). It also states it was dealt with with restoritive justice. Will this show up on PNC, or is it just n a local intelligence system? I want to move to the US and I am unsure whether this will show up on a 'police certificate'? I think police certificates only include stuff from PNC- convictions/cautions/arrests where you are taken back to a police station. Thanks!
  2. Hi all. I'm currently half way through the application process to become a Special with GMP. However, my only concern is my eyesight. I have both myopia (short sightedness) and Nystagmus. Both if these have affected me from birth. I wore glasses and contact lenses until a short time ago until I had laser eye surgery. However, this has not corrected either problem, it just eliminates the need for lenses and glasses. My vision prior to the surgery was around 6/9, just a line or two away from the 6/6 requirement. The day after surgery, I could achieve 6/10, however this is set to improve as my eyes heal from surgery. It is impossible that I will ever be able to achieve 6/6, however I do meet the other requirements such as 6/12 monocular. My question, if I were to achieve 6/12 monocular and about 6/8 in the formal medical, what would happen? Is there room for margin or will it be a definite bar into the force? Would other factors, like my good, 78% score in the SEARCH centre be considered? Kind regards, George.