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  1. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, Tried this too to get added to the whatsapp group and i'm getting the same message that Bugeyes isn't able to receive private messages? I'm over 10 posts so not sure why.
  2. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, I emailed them to mid Jan to ask and they confirmed that the vetting had been passed at the start of January (Applied early Sept 16). I don't believe the vetting team get in touch unless there is further information they require or unless its been failed.
  3. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know everyone will be different dependent on a number of factors but I noticed there were lots of questions about timeframes for application through to confirmed start date. I applied through East. Here's mine for what its worth: Application sent early Sept 16 SETS and Initial Fitness End Oct 16 Initial Interview early Dec 16 Assessment Centre early Jan 17 Medical End Jan 17 SET and FF End Jan 17 Accepted start date for end March at Tulliallan mid Feb 17. A week tomorrow, pretty much ticked off the kit list now so looking forward to the 27th, see some of you there, for others, keep with it and patience will pay off, good luck to everyone else going through the application stages just now.
  4. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Had my SET's Oct 31st and the email start of October so had about a 4 week wait.
  5. Ant4484

    SMT process

    Was at Fettes, Edinburgh. Unless Jackton do it different but I thought it might be equal across all areas.
  6. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Often dependent on command area but I got an email of receipt within 5 days and then about 3 weeks until i got a date for Initial Fitness and SET's.
  7. Ant4484

    SMT process

    Yeah its 2 samples of hair from the crown of your head, it's a healthy portion that's taken too, was for me anyway!
  8. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, What did you tell recruitment about the notice you had to provide? I would have thought people would have been informed by end of Feb at latest. I got my confirmation date for March last Tuesday after attending FF and SMT at Fettes end of January, went for uniform fitting on 7/2 but I did need to provide 4 weeks notice. Looking forward to getting started now, anyone else got their confirmation for March?
  9. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Cameron, Yes they told us at FF that maximum effort is still required even though 5.4 is now the accepted level. If you don't use your 3 warnings then you've not really pushed yourself to the limit.
  10. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Emma, Couldn't be sure, I'm going through East too and had my AC on 5th Jan at Jackton and have a date for medical 24th Jan and FF and SMT on 30th January so seems to be moving quite quick for myself.
  11. Ant4484

    A/C Thursday 19th January

    Hi Conor, I found it to go a little quicker but sure i must have been in there about 30-40 minutes, the only difference are the competencies they test you on but it's made clear on which ones you will be tested on prior to attending. Similar to what Wall.3 said found it a little more relaxed than the initial but i think because the group activities settle you a little, with the Initial its just you turning up on your own for only the interview. I had mine in front of a panel of two same as the initial. Hope it goes well.
  12. Ant4484

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all, I've been around for a while doing a bit of reading up during my interview stages and assessment centre and been some great info on here that has come in good use. Hilljam - Yeah i was on the Thursday AC at Jackton (red team) and received the good news on Friday morning that I was successful. I am through East though so was my first time at Jackton. Which team were you on? Paul - As many others have said before I don't think there's a great deal of prep you can do for the group exercises. Getting to know your group well between exercises certainly helps and clearly need to be involved so you can pick up marks. For the Interview, very similar to your initial but with different competencies, just have these covered with personal scenarios that match up with the competencies. Best of Luck to anyone else going through the process.
  13. Ant4484

    Just Joined

    Hi there, First post here so hoping to pick up some valuable information during my application.