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  1. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah got mine this morning. What did u guys get?
  2. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Mate, sounds like your switched on and got the exact attitude to get through it next time. I'm my A/C, I made sure I treated as if the guys I was in with would be my colleagues for the foresable future and some of them have been through the entire process with me and are all going up to tullialan in June. Support and encouragement is your tool, look to getting to know them really quickly, about their social life, work life etc..... I know you dont get long between exercises but there is some time. Be confident, know when to listen and know when to talk. (And make yourself known). Have a laugh as well, even if its at your own expense. (I did) Maybe look to your work as well, being a team leader or helping with training in a group can go a long way with the A/C and also give you more examples in your interview. Good luck, you will smash it next time.
  3. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Got my offer today. Can't wait.
  4. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No but I called them today as I need to hand my notice in no later than today and they said to do it as it will be sent out today. They dont normally come through till after 3.30pm anyway so....... I would call them as they are close over the weekend by the was a guy at my uniform fitting who was still waiting on his.
  5. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I think they are doing it in stages. They have done our references which is the last thing they do so our work know now and we have passed vetting. I'm will call tmrw to see, will let you know McPhil
  6. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good stuff mate, haven't received mine yet so the wait is still on. Will call them in the morning I think.
  7. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No doubt, got my uniform fitting on Friday so would like it before then.
  8. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone from FF and SMT on the 12th received their Letter/email yet? I know they said week commencing 22nd and that could be up to Friday but just wondering.
  9. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It will maybe depend on how quickly the SMT results come back. Hopefully they came back before the weekend so the emails go out tmrw.
  10. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah the wait is torture. Will it be letters sent to your house or do you think it will be emails like everything else. Here's hoping its emails and they're all sent out on Monday morning.
  11. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Fair enough. Let's hope after FF and SMT everything pans out and were up in June. Its been a long wait (longer for some). How's everyone's training going?
  12. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah same, although I wondering what they do for a hair sample if you dont have any hair on your head. Maybe armpit?
  13. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah the couple of times I rang up they said that my vetting had come back so I wouldn't be considered for the last 2 intakes. Who knows, no news is good news with vetting I suppose. Ive just been chasing up my references and telling them to respond as soon as they get in touch.
  14. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    As far as I'm aware, anyone with a August/September provisional offer are considered for the June intake. I got my provisional offer on the 23rd September. I know its a long wait guys but you've got this far. Am I right in thinking that if we have received our intake invitations that our vetting has cleared or does it mean that it has now been sent off?
  15. DanVanDamn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah got my invitation today. What a wait.