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  1. JammyBoy

    CKP Feb 06 training 27 match 2017

    Hey, I will be also starting on the 6th Feb. The training provider is Outsource Training. Perhaps try getting in touch with them to establish your placement.
  2. JammyBoy

    Wrongly accused. Starting training soon

    Just a quick update. Thankfully the situation has been resolved and my vetting status has been reinstated; I'll be starting the internal CKP next week
  3. JammyBoy

    Wrongly accused. Starting training soon

    Thanks guys for your helpful replies. I have since declared it; consequently my vetting status was withdrawn due to the ongoing investigation. Was told if the outcome is that no further action is taken, it will be reinstated. So unbelievably frustrated but it is what it is.
  4. Greetings all, A serious allegation has been made against me. It is entirely false, however it is of course being investigated. My concern is that I am meant to begin the CKP internal placement scheme in a couple of weeks, immediatly followed by training with the Met. Will I need to inform them of this and could it go against me in any way? Thanks
  5. JammyBoy

    Start date/CKP invite HELP!

    Sent a fourth email. Unbelievably I receievd a reply within 15 minutes! They confirmed I am booked to start the internal CKP on the 5th December.
  6. JammyBoy

    Ckp start date help

    There is no direct number that I know of. Hopefully you won't have to wait so long.
  7. JammyBoy

    Ckp start date help

    I received the CKP Invite email over 5 weeks ago, responded straightaway and I'm still waiting to receive confirmation despite it supposedly starting 5/12/16!
  8. JammyBoy

    Start date/CKP invite HELP!

    Nope. All correspondence is done by email and no contact phone number is provided
  9. Hey all. On the 5/10/16 I received an email detailing a conditional offer to start the CKP trainee placement scheme on 5/12/16. Leading on to: "It is anticipated that you will join the MPS as a Police Constable on 30th January 2017" My notice period at work is 4 weeks and I'm yet to receive confirmation that I have been booked onto the course or any further correspondence from them. I've emailed several times but have not had a reply. It's so frustrating! Any advice?
  10. JammyBoy


    New user here. Received dates to start CKP then begin training with the Met.