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  1. badtoro

    Direct entry detective constables

    Specialist roles direct entry is being rolled out for probationers. First year rnp then second year trainee dc.
  2. badtoro

    Direct entry detective constables

    What would you like to know?
  3. Clearance cannot be transferred as such it's only good for the original sponsor, I think it's been explained quite well in some posts above, it can though help 'speed up' some checks. I have held SC (gov and mod) for over a decade and yet it made not a bit of a difference when I applied to join the Constabulary.
  4. badtoro

    Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    oh dear that's a long wait their operational needs may change so you never know it may be earlier than expected
  5. badtoro

    Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Nope, i start in 2wks, nothing your end yet i'm assuming
  6. badtoro

    Overtime - layman's terms explanation please!!

    you can also find a pdf document called know your rights no.3 here: https://staffordshire.polfed.org/images/stories/pdf/know-your-rights-3.pdf
  7. yea but at least we get paid when we do it for ost they forget it costs us money for some of us to go all the way down to netley
  8. No idea why mate, including the test on Monday it'll be my 3rd jrft this year!
  9. badtoro

    Situational Scenario Question - Interview

    I may be wrong but I don't think the question was actually ever answered. In regards to situation/scenario questions posed at the interview (not SEARCH) there isn't a right or wrong answer as such. These questions are often based on real life multiple emergency calls you may be asked to attend, all incidents happening at the same time at various distances from your current location and various degrees of information provided for each call. A question could be for instance in which order would you attend those incidents? it is up to you to decide and explain your reasons behind your answers, expect to be challenged on one or more of those answers. You don't need to have a police background in order to successfully pass really, it's more about common sense, see how flexible you are and justify your actions as well as carefully read the information you were provided. Hope this answers the original question.
  10. see you at the brief on monday Hello888
  11. badtoro

    Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    excellent news Hello888!
  12. badtoro

    Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Hey, good news from my side, received an offer and a start date in Jan. Anyone else?
  13. badtoro

    Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Fitness and medical was separate for me.Bleep and push and pull tests.
  14. badtoro

    Hampshire recruitment - anyone?

    Hear hear!