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  1. SC117

    BTP Student Officer 2017

    Hello, If i was you I would head over to police community. There forum has a very large BTP following and you will find a lot of people currently in your exact position
  2. SC117

    Derbyshire Constabulary

    Congrats to you too. I agree with you there. It was hard narrowing down the word count at times. The interview dates have been put up if oyu have not already seen it. You can select a date and time available to suit you
  3. SC117

    Derbyshire Constabulary

    Yeah, same here. The application forms took way longer than they had expected to be sifted through. How did you find the application?
  4. Hello, I am currently a special sergeant with a Home Office force who is also currently in the recruitment phase to become a BTP C Division Police Officer (assessment centre date TBC). I am very much interested in the BTP and although I am also applying for a Home Office PC Role, I have some questions about BTP. 1) I was wondering how things stood in regards of transfers should I want to join a home office force later down the line? Before you think I am using BTP to step sideways into a Home Office force I am not as I could easily see myself staying with BTP throughout the entirety of my career. I am just thinking that after x years if a really appealing position (i.e. Sgt role, CID, Firearms, etc.) came up in a Home Office force, would I be able to apply for it? 2) What are the career opportunities in BTP like? Is there room and support for promotions or to join specialised BTP units? I am aware that many Home Office forces are struggling at the moment with these things but I was wondering whether it is better in BTP? 3) How many people do you work on shift with? I know the team is more spread out but is it regular to be the only BTP response officer in an area at one time or are there a few of you on the same rota? 4) If you arrest someone, how does one book a suspect into custody? Do you use the Home Office Police Force's custody suites or is there another custody suite/ process you must follow? Thanks!
  5. SC117


    Hello, serving Special with Notts Police here, hope to contribute regularly to this site