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  1. Joner11234

    Last 12 months in the armed forces

    Yeh I got a letter from my OC to say that I'll be out the Army on a certain date which luckiy is 6 days before tulli and then got the CO to sign off the early release. I'm going through East.
  2. Joner11234

    Last 12 months in the armed forces

    A guy on my FF/SMT had questioned about it as he was in the same boat and recruitment said that you can't be getting paid from 2 jobs and that you had to be completely out but it' definitely worth calling and finding out though.
  3. Joner11234

    Last 12 months in the armed forces

    Hi, I'm out the army next month and hopefully start at tulli Next month, you need to be completely out the army before you start your training, I went for early release though so if I didn' pass the interviews then I wouldn't have to sign back on.
  4. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I tried to message you about joining but it said that you can't receive message. Can you post the link for the group please? Thanks
  5. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi muzziedee, I got my final fitness email at the end of Sept and have it on the 23rd Oct! Long wait but hopefully you'll hear soon
  6. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm down for the December intake too but I'm going through East! I will ask when I go for my final fitness if it will still be the 18th but surely they should know soon if it will be Dec or Jan
  7. Joner11234

    Interview on Tuesday

    Hi, know Police Scotlands priorities and also the priorities for the divisions that you have put down, know what roles you'd expect to undertake as a PC, know about the police collage, modules and how long you're there can't off the top of my head think of anything else, just study the website
  8. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Sorry to hear that, I got mine on the same day around around 5pm! I thought that I had failed mine too as I messed up on one of the questions but they said they take the whole day into account and if you have covered some of the point in the competencies then you still score points! Hopefully you'll be fine.
  9. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeh I reckon it's October time too but I'm just being impatient, they've said to me 18th December but that could change to Januarary so they wouldn't have to have a break over the Christmas period.
  10. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anyone had their final fitness and SMT dates yet for the December/Janurary intake?
  11. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They called me after passing my medical and said it was pencilled in for Dec 18th for a week then break for xmas/new year but I expect that to change to stating January
  12. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I would also like to know this as I'm also in the finishing stages of the Army and have a few WhatsApp groups that I could do without popping up. Not that I had any part in them but it wouldn't look good.
  13. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It's horrible walking in and having them just firing questions at you and the nerves take over, what sort and how much preperation did you do before hand? I got my partner to keep doing mock interviews to me for both sets of interviews and I felt that really helped as I gained confidence in my answers. Good luck next time.
  14. Joner11234

    Waiting times/update on intakes

    Hi Becky, I've read on here that someone enquired about the Decembers intake and they said it has be cancelled and that March is the next one after September, I'll need to call recruitment and confirm as I was told to be expected on that December intake, also recruitment told me that the medical has to be within 6 months of starting at the college as that's the reason I'm still waiting out on my medical due to leaving the army. Hope this helps
  15. Joner11234

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When I did mine it was when the level just changed to 5.4, so they were explaining that although it's dropped they were expecting us to get 9.4 but long as you pass then it's just something to work on when you get to tulli. Only 50% of mine would of passed the 9.4 so that what they got told.