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  1. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did anybody use their answers from their first application on their second application or did they do them from scratch again? A lot of the stuff is still relevant so just hoping I can reuse.
  2. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi guys, So I was going to apply for Specials as G div was closed when I was eligible to reapply. However looks like ALL divisions are open again as of yesterday! Is anyone still waiting for interview/assessment centre for West divisions from months ago or do we think itโ€™ll be a normal wait now rather than a 10 month wait? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi guys, So I'm ready to resubmit my application but due to my current career being on the up, I'm considering whether the specials for a few years would be a better option. Does anybody know how the role of a special differs to a regular? Wondering if specials will ever be put on response, can they be seconded to specialist departments etc. Also, is the recruitment process much quicker for those applying to the specials in G div rather than the regulars currently?
  4. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ahh that makes sense! Basically I really want G and Q but obviously can't apply for it at the moment. Think it would be worth phoning recruitment before I apply and letting them know that's my preference even though I'll be choosing Edinburgh and Forth Valley?
  5. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's fantastic. I'm reapplying next week after failing initial interview in January. What divisions have you chosen?
  6. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ricey, what divisions have you chosen? I'm submitting my application in under 2 weeks (failed initial interview in January) and trying to get an idea of what divisions are best to choose :)
  7. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Agree with this. One thing I would say though, the question themselves weren't a problem for me personally, but the time given can be quite tight and you do need to complete some of the papers very quickly. Good luck!
  8. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Submitting application again in July so going to have to pick East divisions since Glasgow, Renfrewshire etc have closed again :(
  9. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'll be honest that's quicker than last time, well for me anyway! What divisions have you chosen this time round? That's fantastic news, really glad about that actually! All the best for when your interview comes ๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ohh I didn't know that, thanks for the heads up! I'm very flexible on divisions so happy to pick the less popular ones if that means progressing quicker. Last time I applied I called after waiting 6 months, changed to East divisions and voila, fitness invite the following day! Yep I believe so, just no SETs as passed previously. I will do! Hopefully it flies in. Can't stop laughing at the 12 week end to end timescale from application to assessment centre given on the FAQs... ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi guys, Not posted since failing the initial interview back in January but been keeping in the loop and now starting to think about my application for July๐Ÿ˜ƒ Just one question I have, does recruitment seem to be going quicker in West than what it was this time last year? Hoping it's not another 6+ months wait from submitting the form to getting a fitness test date...
  12. user123

    Initial interview help

    Hi, I did my interview back in January and one tip I'd give is expect mainly negative questions. For example, "Tell me about a time you were frustrated?". For questions like that, always aim to hit the competency descriptors and don't give overcomplicated examples. They just want to hear a structured response that fits the question. If you need any help give me a shout!
  13. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    So after requesting I call back, I got a call from the officer that interviewed me. He said my confidence, personality etc was spot on and I did well on team work, effective communication and respect for diversity but after the personal awareness question about frustration, I just got a bit worked up and as a result didn't pass all the questions following that. Going forward, his advice was to focus less on the examples and the length of them and more on hitting 3/4 of the bullet points under the descriptors as I was giving great examples but not focussing on the aspects of the competency. Also, I was told STAR is only suggested as an aid and they certainly don't expect every answer to follow this structure as some don't simply fall into it naturally so if you feel things getting a bit heated and losing focus, just simply tell the story and you'll have more chance of picking up the competency marks. Quite satisfied knowing I was almost there so going to work on the aspects I didn't do so well in and re-apply in six months. Hope that feedback helps others prepare too
  14. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yep that was exactly like the questions I got. "Describe a time were you were frustrated" That was the question that really knocked me off. With it being so loose I just struggled to tell a story as such. I'd prepare for similar questions.
  15. user123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks a lot. More determined that anything now so will see what happens in six months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk