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  1. pacmanjo

    What is the Warwickshire shift pattern?

    3x3x3 shift pattern 0700-1600 x 2 days 1400-2300 x 2 days 2200-0700 x 2 days Then 4 off
  2. pacmanjo


    Kent Police
  3. pacmanjo


    I agree, every force has it's issues but I was getting to the point where I was struggling to see any of the positives. Staffing was a joke, targets were ridiculous, lazy squads were allowed to continue to be lazy, new lazy squads were formed to combat "target areas" but they were ineffective and never challenged. The sergeants have no discipline and struggle to cope with demand and the forces spiralling burglary rate is combatted with "figure massaging". Stations were being closed left right and centre and their replacements were poorly built or refurbished and inadequately provisioned and often in bad locations. My station closed in April 2013 and we were loved to a "new" station where your toilets are actually public loos and car parking costs you £3.50 a day. I'm glad to be out! But don't let my ramblings put you off :-)
  4. pacmanjo


    Nottinghamshire Police are massively understaffed, and i mean dangerously. They fall back on CID and Beat Teams to get their quota up but they are very poorly structured and very badly managed. They seem to have a blinkered view to 'be the best performing force' where they need to learn to walk before they can run. I have joined a force in the south where the staffing is out of this world, there are 13 on my shift instead of 2 and i feel like the force i have joined has a structure. I considered leaving the service until i joined this new force as i thoiught the job would be the same everywhere but it isnt, Notts have just got it so so wrong.
  5. pacmanjo


    I've just left Nottinghamshire and I have to admire the new guys going into the service. I have left for another home office force and I can say that Nottinghamshire has changed dramatically in 9 years I was there. You will know no different and I think you'll enjoy it but I think you'll find the actually job is a real eye opener. Good luck to you all
  6. pacmanjo


    Where is your training? watnall?
  7. pacmanjo


    I'm in the application process at the moment and I'm thoroughly fed up with it. We are due to start 23rd sep but I don't have an offer letter!
  8. I am a serving police officer and have been for 9 years and I must say the job is pretty good. I work well with partner agencies such as HA, Bordering Forces, Social Services etc but my continued involvement with the British Transport Police has left me wandering why we actually still have a Police force solely for our railways? We often get calls from BTP Control asking us to attend incidents on the railway they do not have any resources the area, despite the fact they have a major train station just 10miles away which has a BTP station. It's happened to me about 5 times now and the worst was a 'one under' back in 2010 where BTP had to send resources from 40 miles away needless to say I was first on scene and took control of it until BTP arrived. I'm struggling to see in the current climate how BTP can survive as a police service. If Network Rail want to turn it into a Security team then let them do so or perhaps the Home Office would like to give them more responsibility? The motorways perhaps? And airports?
  9. pacmanjo

    Decided I want to leave the Police

    I have a mortgage, 2 children and an expensive wife to keep but I still wouldn't think twice about leaving if I hated my job. I have done it twice now and something always turns up. Life is too short to stay somewhere that you hate.
  10. pacmanjo

    Met Police new uniform?

    Tfl have paid for it, met plods still need to stick with white shirts
  11. pacmanjo

    Custody forum?

    My force has just shoe horned a huge bunch of acting sgts into custody to backfill and I'm sure some fresh faces to custody could soak some thought provoking debates!
  12. pacmanjo

    Decided I want to leave the Police

    If your unhappy, for pity's sake get out. I have been in for 8 years and I work on Response. I keep moving away to squads and teams but I can't match response for the fun factor. I genuinely love going to work every day and they day I dread going to work is the day I hand my notice in. If your not happy, get out. Wy not try going to a new force? Perhaps a change of scenery may help (just don't go to BTP - you will regret that)
  13. Anyone transferring into Warwickshire on this intake?
  14. pacmanjo


    Oh yes, 1. Research Nottinghamshire Police, they will want you to know the force inside out! 2. Research the main buzzword at the moment and that is PROUD 3. Be yourself