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  1. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    June intake 🎉🎉🎉 subject to references. Check your emails
  2. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @MRD yes they check your social media. I had an email about my Facebook not being private and to delete some posts back from uni 5 years ago that my friends had wrote on my wall. So if you don't want to be embarrassed, I would check it 😂
  3. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Leadership is also a competency question in the final interview, so make sure to prepare an answer 😊 Think about leading a group or a task.
  4. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @Datastuff Hey, I'm there too on Thursday. Excited but I'm a reserve so high chance I won't make June. It just depends on your timeline, when did you get your offer and where did you apply to?
  5. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have an invite as well. I am so surprised ! 10th of May.
  6. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    For anyone that didn't make June intake. I got in touch with Jackton to see if changing my preferences would help. The answer I got was people on this intake have waited roughly a year from their offer and no matter where we apply the wait is the same. I thought offering to go north would speed things up, but they can't be desperate for officers anywhere. September hopeful now 😂
  7. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @mrsveedub Good news! What areas did you apply to ? I think I might change my preferences so I'm not a 2020 intake ?
  8. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I applied to Jackton on March 1st 2017, passed the paper shift late June, had my SET July and then fitness delayed until September, First Interview was in October, and then A/C, and medical November. Applied to Fife, Edinburgh and Tayside, and still waiting to find out if I am June intake. I was provisionally told I would be June, but I think its just dependent on divisional needs. Hope that helps, I know it seems like a really long process but it will be worth it!
  9. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @Jambo439 your probably looking at 12-16 weeks from sending you application to getting your SET/fitness test. Then about 2-4 weeks between each stage. if you pass the A/C and medical you will get told a rough start date. I passed my medical in Novmwber and was told June 2018. I think the wait to start training is anything from 6-18 months for the East and West now. Hope that helps !
  10. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    So just spoke to Jackton and was told they don't have final numbers for June yet. They have sent out some invites but not all of them yet. Don't want to get people's hopes up but no news yet doesn't mean your not June.
  11. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone going through the west heard about June intake yet?
  12. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @DavidScot do you find out what Division you've got when they send the ff email?
  13. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @Mpeebles Going through Jackton, AC was November.
  14. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @Mpeebles no emails for me. D is my third choice and I'm going through Jackton. Where are you going through and when was your AC?
  15. GMcc

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @hutclis did you phone and if so any updates on Jackton?