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  1. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey I am on the intake for June, we have a chat group going in Whatsapp, message JimmyP to get added
  2. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just received my email asking me to attend my SMT and fitness so for some of you going through the West you may get an email in the next few days. Just to be clear though I was on the reserve for March and received my provisional offer back in June last year.
  3. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've been waiting since June last year and I have not heard anything. I am going through West so I think a good few of us are still waiting to hear about the June intake
  4. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Were you on the reserve for March? I got mine in June as well
  5. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That should be fine, I think they have managed to catch up with a lot of what was needed, which command are you going through? I've still to hear about my FF and SMT but expect an email any day now
  6. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    North Command are going through quicker due to a massive amount of officers leaving and retiring which left them with very few officers.
  7. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was on the reserve for March so hoping I hear soon about June
  8. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I am looking at June as well, on the reserve for March so June is most likely I would say. Been a long time waiting as I applied in February last year but it will be worth the wait
  9. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Finally received my email asking me to come in for my fitness test to be on the reserve list for March. The downside is that I have picked up an injury and can't run for another few weeks so hopefully this will mean that I will be on the June intake. I would like to think I would be since I was to be on the reserve for March. It's been a long wait since I got my PO last June so here is hoping June will be my time
  10. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I am in the same boat as you, I passed my fitness test back in July and was unable to do December due to my wedding in two weeks, it also looks like I will be missing March due to my honeymoon. What will happen is once you have given dates that you will be away they will have it noted for any intake dates and remove you from the pool. It's a longer wait but it will be worth it.
  11. LFrazer86

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I passed my FF in July and still waiting for my invite to the final fitness and SMT, I am going through the West as well so it is taking a lot longer for us due to the higher demand in other areas