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  1. Privateryan76

    September 2017 course

    Also I know probation is 2yrs but how long are you tutored for on station b4 becoming independent ?
  2. Privateryan76

    September 2017 course

    Thanks for the info Maximus much appreciated liking the extra overtime.... What's the current shift pattern, currently getting mixed messages on it? I'm aware it's looking to match Aldermaston in the future
  3. Privateryan76

    September 2017 course

    Hi, I got my 2nd choice of Burghfield....cant wait to get started passed my search back in November 2016 so been waiting a while :) Look forward to meeting you all Cheers, Damo
  4. Privateryan76

    AWE Aldermaston shift pattern

    Thanks for the feedback baby jack much appreciated. If you remember would you mind posting on here in March or when the decision is made please?
  5. What is the current shift pattern at AWE Aldermaston? Ive heard its 4 on 4 off but is subject to change....what's it's likely to change to and what do the shifts on consist of? Is it 4 lates, 4 off followed by 4 days, 4 off or is it split 50/50..... 2 lates, 2 days, 4 off? much overtime available? thanks n advance