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  1. hi guys just spotted this now. so to the best of my knowledge: 1. CNC has no powers or is trained (at the moment) to "pursue". 2. it is not CNC`s priority - in that case I guess passing a VRN and description of incident to a local Home Office force would suffice since we are in touch with them. 3. if an officer reasonably believes that the person he is pursuing is in a possession of a unlawfully removed NM then (if authorised) he would be allowed to pursue outside the 5k radius. Hope this helps - does this answer your questions? :)
  2. Hi Jdare, The questions you get asked for the interview are very similar to what you had on the initial application for, in style. Have a look at STAR answering system as they like it a lot. Keep in mind your interviewers will NOT get to see your application form at all, so you can easily use the examples you had already put on application (if they fit). As for the drug test I`m not really sure but personally wouldn`t stress too much about it...Bottom line is you mention everything from the start - there is a for you fill up and you can disclose everything you are/were on recently. As long as you are not lying and/or hiding something they will be ok with it. They even ask you if you eat a lot of multi seed bread! Good luck!
  3. next intake is January 2018 as mentioned above. From experience I would advise you guys to CALL the admin instead :)
  4. jinxxx

    Cnc assessment centre 2017 question

    I just sent you a wee DM. Apart from what I mentioned already have a look at CNC`s website and red the whole "credo" and all info about the roles of AFO`s etc.
  5. SLG, its all pretty straightforward i would say. have a look at what sort of duties are expected of a CNC officer etc.
  6. slg, In my case it took them couple of weeks, but I guess it depends on when they planning the next assessment centre.
  7. Dont suppose any of you guys starting in September ?
  8. Again, dont quote me on that but knowing how everything works, if I was you, I would be giving them a call "soon" asking for update ... Or best thing call and ask if they need anything else from you At least your Echo person was competent enough to tell you something. I had to wait till someone from NHS contacts me with the results as person doing my scan maybe exchanged 4 sentences total with me.
  9. Yea it was a long story for me with this bloody heart murmur they magically discovered :) Which of course turned out to be nothing, but costed my the initial may start date! They do call you to offer the dates and all but I would recommend calling to check where you stand anyways if you think you send everything thru and not heard anything back.
  10. my assessment centre dates came through via email soon after they changed the status of application online. As mentioned before you just reply to it - i had to call the landline as far as I can remember. Good luck to everyone! I`m finally pass all the medical "obstacles" and starting the course next month - only vetting still pending and waiting for paperwork to confirm the the initial course.
  11. jinxxx

    Medical BMI check

    I had my medical for CNC Police few months ago - according to BMI I`m "class I obese" but they also do body fat percentage test and waist to hip ratio, so had no problems whatsoever. BMI is a crap standardised measurement anyways thats only good for average people - if you lift you`re a beast and BMI does not apply!
  12. As far as I know the Assessment Day should be "smart business" unless you have a fitness test done at the same time and the place you do it at does not have changing facilities. Mine did not and we all been told to wear sports wear etc.
  13. How are you guys getting on with the application process? I`m now back to "waiting for reply" stage again... Emailed them a week ago with my final paperwork (from my end) asking for update but got nothing back still. Also emailed another department with the same, a few days back, and again nothing...maybe they had enough of my already ?
  14. Welcome to my world :) My issue is still "ongoing" i guess - I`ll save you an hour long story and give you bullet points here... Medical said they "think" there is a murmur there and I need my GP and, if done, Echo to clarify. GP confirmed this and refereed me for an Echo, but before they gave me EKG three times over 2 days (as they couldn't get a proper read because of technical issues). He also gave me a letter to CNC explaining that I`m fit and healthy etc and there is nothing against me being "fit for duty". After lengthy back nad forth with CNC`s admin and Occ Health they said since I`m now refereed for "specialistic test" they need to see this before letting me on the course. This is why I`ve missed my course date in may. Now the best bit - 3 days before the course I`ve found out from my official GP (other than one giving me examination) that I DONT actually need the Echo as there`s nothing wrong with me which was confirmed by EKG and examination!! She gave me another note explaining this, but was too late to get me on the course. I now have an Echo next week (since I was refereed already). My advice is KEEP asking your GP and the rest about it and KEEP stressing its an urgent employment matter - my letter from CNC to doctors actually said this. My GP`s admin was very "relaxed" about the whole time frame and helping me out (which cost me missing my course, so imagine how happy i was there...). IF they refer you for the Echo KEEP asking about the dates etc as no one told me "im not medical emergency so the wait is about 3-4 mnonths"!! ...and this is the short story