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  1. Thanks Seb, Useful information. Is the training course residential?
  2. Assessment day is coming up quickly! Is there anything else I should be researching/reading in the run up? I have made notes on the website of the values of the CNC etc.. Wondered if there is anything else worth looking into?? Also, where does the training happen? Does it vary for each site? I have applied for Sellafield, and I am unsure where training will be if I get in (I hope I do) Cheers
  3. I applied early December 2016 and received an email 3 days ago saying I had passed.. Id forgot all about it in all honesty, so was a great email to get! I think it can take some time dependant on which site you have applied for :)
  4. Ahh ok. I have just received my email with al the documentation to fill out attached.. I will crack on with this now. Out of interest how long did it take for your vetting to complete?
  5. Talk about cutting it fine then! Hope everything works out for you. Im sure nothing will happen if contract is signed and returned? What a relief, id lost hope in all honesty.. I checked my emails the other day and had an email saying I had passed the paper sift which is good. Assessment day is on Wednesday 3rd May in workington, so a good 3 hour drive for me, but looking forward to it. What did you cover on assessment day again?
  6. Finally passed the paper sift and have booked on for an assessment day in May. Fingers Crossed. Has anyone else heard anymore?
  7. Hi All, has anyone heard anything regarding applications so far? I sent mine in around a week ago special delivery and haven't heard anything as of yet.. do they let you know when they have received the application?? Max
  8. I have been waiting AGES! Getting bored now hahaha
  9. Just wondered if there are any other applicants who have applied for sellafield out there? If so have you heard anything :)? Max
  10. Jinxxx- when did you intitially apply??
  11. Actually, I haven't heard anything since the email on the 22nd December 2016!... I asked for an update on the 5th Jan 2017 but they sent a generic reply, most likely a robot..
  12. Congrats!! How did you find it?? I still haven't head anymore correspondence since the email regarding my tattoo's on the 5th January 2016! The wait does continue! Max
  13. Thanks for all the help. I am just getting frustrated with the wait and hearing nothing. Max
  14. Hi All, I am new to this forum and it has already helped out a great deal with lots of questions I had to ask, but, I was wondering if anyone else applied in December 2016?? I have had one email asking for confirmation of my tattoo's and to send details/pictures, I haven't had any correspondence since. I have tried calling HR numerous times to no avail. Has anyone had any further correspondence regarding assessment days etc? Max