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  1. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They do seem to keep changing how things are done, I’m on the December intake and we weren’t told we were allowed to go for our uniform fitting until after our final fitness, I think they also do it differently depending on which area you go through, I was through Jackton
  2. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey MorkC you don’t go for your uniform fitting until you get a confirmed start date, they give you a letter at your final fitness and smt to make arrangements to go for your uniform fitting, hope this info helps
  3. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Haven't seen any talk re a group chat but think it would be a great idea :)
  4. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You get called for a medical and ff following the assessment centre and then you get called 8 weeks before you start for another final fitness and smt, it really depends on which divisions you have picked, I had my medical and ff a few weeks after my a/c in February and have just received my email to say I’m being considered for the December intake, my preferences are all west (L,K & G) which seems to have a longer wait than other divisions, hope this helps.
  5. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I got my email for vetting early morning and then later in afternoon got my fitness email, as Becky said they are probably working through the names, your likely to get it tomorrow.
  6. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Mine are L West Dunbartonshire, K & G
  7. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That’s great news, id say to them as they are likely to hear from recruitment over the next week or so. I am only in a temp job as I was made redundant early in the year, they know I’m waiting for a date although think they were keen to keep me until February, I’m going to give them the bad news once I’ve been up to Jackton on 24th.
  8. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Got mine too, heading up 24th, it’s been a long wait!
  9. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m in the same boat as you Becky234, think we were on the same a/c, still keeping everything crossed it’s the December intake!
  10. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    There are just more people applying for West Command.
  11. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    She didn't specify but I presume so as some of the guys on here from other areas have got through quicker.
  12. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I just thought I'd put on my situ, I'm going through West I had my medical & FF beg Feb and contacted recruitment today for an update, Ive been told it will be the Dec intake at the earliest and that they haven't started my vetting yet due to the long wait, they said those going on the June intake were those who received their provisional offers in Aug/Sep 16, hope this helps those wondering ??
  13. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I bought the Police Officer Interview Questions and Answers book and found it pretty useful for giving ideas on the types of questions they are likely to ask at interview, would recommend it ?
  14. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's fab, congrats...Yeh I sure did :) hopefully we get on the same intake, fingers crossed ☺️
  15. Laura

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeh it sure was, pretty impressed with how quickly they let you know, sounds like it will be a long wait until an available intake though