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  1. SGTGerman

    The right Career path for an AFO.

    Section detained Thanks for the reply, what happens after the first few years?
  2. SGTGerman

    The right Career path for an AFO.

    Seems like quite a long winded way to get there, compared to joining the MDP or CNC?
  3. SGTGerman

    The right Career path for an AFO.

    How long were you "on the beat" for?
  4. SGTGerman

    The right Career path for an AFO.

    Liam. This would be ideal but last time I asked about this, it seemed a bit hit and miss i.e. You need to hope there is a course running, actually get on the course... Is this wrong?
  5. SGTGerman

    The right Career path for an AFO.

    Good afternoon everyone and thank you for taking the time to view another "How to become..." post however, the ones that I have read are years old and I would like to get a fresh perception of the job and life of the armed police officer. I would to begin by quickly stating why I would like to become an AFO, as it is an FAQ by senior blokes to potential new recruits on forums like these. The reasons are similar to my reasons for joining the Army in which I served six years. To serve and protect my country and its citizens. To be trained to a high standard of operational effectiveness, in which I am pushed to my limits and come out a stronger and better individual. To be part of a well respected and professional force. To be able to specialize in different areas to widen my skill set and experience. No, I don't think I will be getting loads of "trigger time". I don't aim to "bring down the king pins of London" and I definitely don't expect to be jumping out of planes with the SAS I hope through this my attentions have come across positively. Now on to my career path. From what I have researched through similar forums and official websites, I have narrowed it down to three forces I would be interested in. - Joining a Home Office force, completing probation etc - MOD Police - Civil Nuclear Constabulary A Home Office force seems to be where the active "armed arrests" etc are all made however, from speaking to an AFO about three years ago, it was a long process involving a lot of jumping through hoops and completing different courses, which had taken him about eight years to complete. I'm not opposed to completing long training courses or selections if they are required but this to be seems a very unreliable and long winded process to get to where I want to be. The next force I looked at was MOD Police. It sounded like it was right up my street, especially with the Tactical Support Group. From what I have read they seem to held in high regard however, I have read nothing but "don't do it" comments. I understand some people hate their jobs whilst the rest enjoy it but it seemed odd that there were few if any arguing that it was a good force to work in. My experience in the Army taught me that this is crucial. I then stumbled across the CNC. Armed police officers trained to a high standard with specialized units to explore after probation. I've heard positive things about the force through limited research especially about good pay and working conditions Of course, some sites my vary... I was originally put off the idea after discovering that unlike in the military, there is no accommodation provided at these remote locations nor did the pay make up for this. This seems to have changed now and is the force I am looking with most interest. Yes, the job on paper seems boring but having been a static guard in civie street - jobs are what you make it and if I stick at it, it can become enjoyable and rewarding. In conclusion, any pro's or con's advice, what life is like and how people live and commute etc to any of these forces or others that I have not mentioned would be greatly appreciated. I am also interested to know that should I have a successful career in any of the forces, what other opportunities would be waiting for me in the wider world? I have read that police experience can help you in the Close Protection world, is this still the case? Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you. Ashley.