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  1. J_O

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Great thanks. That's me up to 10 now so I'll PM you.
  2. J_O

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Not yet, waiting to get my 10th post then PM someone that can add me. I can only imagine how people feel having to wait so long. I was nervous and scared when i only waited that short while. I almost feel like i need to apologize.
  3. J_O

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    From what I've heard, most of the Glasgow and Edinburgh (and surrounding divisions) have been put on a lower priority so that A division in Aberdeen can get recruits through first. I went through A division, applied on 2nd December, had SET/Fitness on the 13th, Interview on the 5th Jan, AC on the 16th Jan and SMT, FF and medical on the 13th Feb. Into the March intake.
  4. J_O

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They need to sign and stamp it so that the Medical people (and you if you marked that you want to see it) can gain access to your full medical record. There seems to be a lot of different ways this is done. Some GPs want to speak to you in person, others just sign and stamp it. Also some ask for payment, ive heard them range from £10 admin charge to £80! I personally didn't have to get an appointment or pay anything, just handed it to reception and they phoned 3 days later and i picked it up.
  5. J_O

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Fantastic, well done. So is that you just waiting on the SMT and medical or all done now?
  6. J_O

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That is a good question. I was actually commenting to a couple of my friends that have served for a few years that they would definitely struggle if they had to do the fitness test as it was before and they agreed that it would have been tough. With the new level now though, I think there wouldn't be many not passing. I seem to remember when i was doing my test one of the officers saying that level 5 was the end of the warm up section.
  7. J_O

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yup, its only 5.4 minimum. They will be looking for maximum effort though. Reaching the old levels or above would give you a better portfolio for the Inspector.
  8. J_O

    New Recruit

    Hello all, I have finally decided to post here after a couple of months of lurking. The forums here are great and have helped me through the recruitment proces to the point that I am now to start College in Tulliallan at the end of the month for Police Scotland. Hopefully now i can be an active member of the forum and help potential recruits the way that others helped me.
  9. J_O

    Shift pattern question

    Thanks for posting this. Helps plan the future childcare needs.
  10. J_O

    SMT process

    Got my two clumps of hair cut out a month ago and its only just grown into the bald patches now. No one else seemed to notice the lack of hair unless i mentioned it first though.