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  1. chardie88

    Assessment Centre

    HI Mike, Fitness October - Offer Jan I downloaded the bleep test as an app and made sure I was fit enough to reach level 6. As long as you can do this you will be fine. Just keep your fitness level ticking over. I was exactly the same, always wanting things to move forward quickly! Stick with it and Good Luck
  2. chardie88

    Assessment Centre

    Congratulations Mike that is Great News! You've done the hardest part. For me the next stage was a panel interview, then following success at this it was the Fitness and Medical. It may have changed since I did mine in July last year! If I remember rightly someone on the March Start date thread went straight to the Medical, I may be wrong though. Sit tight for the long awaited emails now!
  3. chardie88

    March Start Date

    Hi Zinny! How exciting [emoji51] No, not heard anything yet..? How about you? Have you booked your uniform fitting? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. chardie88

    March Start Date

    Hi Cm89, Thank you for your response, that is really helpful! I have not spoken to one person who says don't stay there, so I think my mind has been made up to stay onsite. Really can't wait to get started now. Hope you are enjoying your training. Charlotte
  5. chardie88

    March Start Date

    Lucy - That's great news about your uniform fitting! How exciting! Yes! I had that part emailed to me as well, probably best to give them a buzz and check as it has to be completed by 27th Jan. I'll PM you about it (if that's possible on here). My area is Somerset, how about you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. chardie88

    March Start Date

    Hi Valerie, Congratultions for being successful at Assesment Day. If you have applied for a PC role the next stage will be your panel interview. I heard about this stage when I had my email to tell me I had passed the Assesment Centre. After the panel interview, it was the Medical & Fitness for me. Once I passed this, it was then a long wait Sept to Jan for Vetting and Final checks to be called to say I had got through. My process has taken longer than most as I could not attend my panel interview when first offered. I started to apply in Sept 2015. Good Luck with the rest of your application! The hardest part is done now! Charlotte
  7. chardie88

    March Start Date

    Yes! Looking forward to it. I know, it will be strange and all the kit to go with the uniform too! Did you?! Hope it went well, I did mine last week the day before heading off on a last minute holiday before our 35 weeks of training. The assignment was in with all the paperwork we received, so with the letter of offer (subject to references), vetting form, contract etc.Mine came in the post. :)
  8. chardie88

    March Start Date

    Hi Lucy! How exciting! I start on 6th too! Im in between two minds about the accommodation, a PCSO I know says you will make life long friends and learn a lot more staying onsite because you will discuss what you have learnt that day. I too was thinking staying Mon-Fri is the best option for me. Have you started the assignment yet? I booked my uniform fitting today for next week. Eek!! Charlotte
  9. chardie88

    March Start Date

    Just returned from holiday and have my paperwork for my March start date! What are people's thoughts on using the accommodation available? I live locally but have been advised by someone that it is good to stay onsite to really benefit. Charlotte
  10. chardie88

    Assessment Centre

    Hi Lucy, Congratulations on getting through! Just reading through these posts, I am due to start on the March intake! See you there. Charlotte