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  1. Steers

    Anyone heard anything ??

    What stage in the process are you currently at?
  2. Steers

    May 2018 Intake

    Not at all mate, if you would like some practice/help with the competency based interview more than happy to. I've done it for a few others as i use to sit on the other side of the desk in the military.
  3. Steers

    May 2018 Intake

    Hey bud , my application may be slight exception to the rule , but i did my medical in April last year got flagged on dyslexia , but it's slow process. good luck !
  4. Morning all, Just putting a feeler out for anyone else who is on the May intake ? cheers, Steersy
  5. I had no idea there was a June training date so that's interesting . Oh really I've heard differently , i spoke to one of the training sergeants who said they've planned for courses up to 2020 ? like Chinese whispers this, ha. But i'll take your advice on board and give them a call with reference to deferring , appreciate it. Thanks,
  6. This has gone a tad quiet , has anyone heard anything for the May intake . I was told they would be notifying people late Jan early Feb ? Also has anyone had to/gone through deferring a training placement to the next intake at all ? Thanks,
  7. Cheers pal, yeah that seems like the way forward, i gave them a buzz yesterday so hopefully they'll help me out . Problem was due to needing an up to date dyslexia report (which was eye watering expensive). I've applied for Harwell, which i hear is quite a low priority site.
  8. Been in the pipe for a course date for a fair few months now, applying the pressure to try and jump on a January start date , just not a huge demand for my site unfortunately.
  9. Cheers bodkd! yeah i'm the same cjclarke , another 4 hour round trip to complete a brisk jog ...
  10. Yeah i'm the same , been in the pipe since March 2016 passed selection in April this year and still been told nothing. I rang them up and had the same spiel 'we'll let you know when you need to know'
  11. bodkd, i was always curious about this, are they pretty flexible with courses start dates? only reason i ask is i still have a commitment to the MOD to fulfill which may over run until autumn this year.
  12. Hey Paddy986, By the sounds of it a lot of people seem to suffer around the roles of an AFO. The other questions where you're asked to talk about various scenarios is relatively straight forward. As long as through out you can display a thought process where you've not only thought about the impact to your self and the victim, but also the surrounding general public. For answering these questions i'd suggest using the following the STAR method , and verbally outline how you want to answer the questions broken into the 4 categories. S -Situation : The situation presented to you T -Task : Your assessment of the situation and your tasks, again taking into account what i mentioned above. A- Actions : Natrually, what actions you took. R- Results : results to the situation and those involved and more importantly what you learned. Now on the AFO piece, they'll want to see you've done your research, so i would suggest the following - The actions of an AFO is to stop a suspect by a ballistic means, it is therefore the direct responsibility of the AFO to conduct the medical attention of that individual post incident. You must emphasize you understand the impact this will have your life, your partners and your career. - Look in to the Police's 'national decision model', it's a 5 step model geared around how police offices should make decisions and how AFO's should also. You don't need to know it inside and out but you should know the headings at the very least. - Finally, mention that you 'know of', the 7 tactical options that are used by AFO's and ARV's, there are in fact 100's but those are sub-headed under the main 7. Any questions feel free to DM me
  13. Steers

    Afo Harwell

    Hi all, Any other AFO Harwell applicants who have passed the assessment center waiting out on pre-employment medical / a slither of information around perspective training dates? cheers,
  14. It took me about the same time to get through paper sift, it's an increasingly slow process, but speaking to HR and CNC training staff a lot of man power is being taken up by priority sites. Currently top of that list is Sellafield , understandably. It is a waiting game , but I'm told the back log is slowing down and priority diverted to other sites. I applied March 2016, and still waiting for a start date! Give me a shout if you pass sift, i'll be happy to give you some prep tips, material and advice for the assessment day.
  15. Hi all, I know the topic of Training has bounced around a fair bit, but not so much on police front. My question is does any know if the standard of police training includes the Certificate In Knowledge of Policing? Thanks, Steers