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  1. The guys taking the assessment ctr day said that Sellafield vacancies we're likely to get filled first....I applied for Hunterston. Hopefully get results soon and get the medical booked in...
  2. Just had assessment ctr today and they said the next intake will be Jan...
  3. Well that's AC date booked in, waiting for email with the days activities but hoping everything will be done in the one day...lots of info in previous posts about what to expect during the AC day but has anyone experienced anything that they might think is worth brushing up on?
  4. Emailed back pre employment medical forms today.....any idea how long until they review and email over possible assessment dates?
  5. I spoke to them last week at the next lot of dates will be in September.
  6. Finally, my status page on the application has changed to Invited to Assessment Centre. Does anyone know if you receive info to book via post, email or phone call? Thanks
  7. Managed to speak to HR today apparently my application has been moved forward and their just awaiting my PNC check coming back to offer assessment date which will be in September.....
  8. Hi Cjclarke, Still waiting on paper sift but after speaking to them this week they said I should get an answer ASAP. Hunterston for me.....6 months waiting so far....
  9. That's good to know, I've applied to Hunterston as its only 45 mins away from me. Saves having to drive to England for the assessment day. Hopefully hear something sooner now closing date has passed. Well after several calls and emails still no further fwd regarding paper sift almost 6 months and counting! If anyone is still waiting apparently the backlog will be cleared within the next two weeks. Anyone have start dates yet?
  10. Still waiting for result of initial paper sift....anyone else still waiting on this?
  11. Hi Seb97, sorry to but in on your conversation but I noticed you said you AC day was in Scotland? I've not long applied so probably in for a long wait before I hear anything. What site have you applied for? What location was the AC in Scotland....I'm only an hour from Glasgow.
  12. I only completed my application on Jan 23rd, so fingers crossed will get an email regarding assessment dates soon. Closing date has now passed so things may start happening a bit quicker......