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  1. Yeh I had a murmur as well but the person doing the echo said everything looked normal and occ health received the echo report on Monday so it just needs to be reviewed now by the RAP. Hopefully all goes well and I'll be joining you in September :)
  2. Similar situation here at the moment, all the medical info has been sent and vetting forms completed so just a waiting game now. I'm assuming they got in contact with you once they cleared your medical?
  3. Glad to hear your application is finally progressing :) My online account also showed the same status before I received the email. The email then contained a list of assessment slots running throughout the week which you then respond to with your preferred day and time-slot. The AC slots are first come, first served so keep an eye on your email inbox as they go pretty quick.
  4. Hey Cjclarke I received my conditional offer for Hunterston with the initial firearms course commencing in September. However, I'm still in the process of trying to get my medical clearance after I was referred to a specialist following my CNC medical appointment. So provided the RAP clear me and the vetting goes smoothly then hopefully i'll be starting in September :)
  5. Hi jinxxx, have you had any luck with this issue? I just had my medical and I've also been referred for an echocardiogram due to a slight "murmur". This came as quite a surprise as I've never had any known heart problems and this murmur has never been picked up at previous medicals for other jobs. Just need to wait and see I guess...
  6. No problem at all, Hope the assessment goes well :) As far as I'm aware they put you up in local hotels during training and it's all paid for. Someone who's already done the training may be able to provide a better answer though.
  7. I'd recommend getting yourself familiar with the police core competencies and making sure you tailor your responses to the interview questions around these competencies as best you can: (https://www.norfolk.police.uk/sites/norfolk/files/page/downloads/police_constable_competencies_2010.pdf) Think about the day-to-day role of a CNC officer as well as the implications that could arise if the worst happened and you had to shoot someone -effect on you/your family, media coverage, investigations etc etc. I also found it useful to look at the main parts of the G36C and Glock 17 so that I was already somewhat familiar with them when it came to the firearms assessment- don't worry too much about this bit as they will explain everything but I just wanted to make sure I had everything covered. At the moment the training is split between Culham (HQ) and Bisley where all the firearms training is conducted. They are in the process of building a brand new training centre at Sellafield so you may well end up there for all of the training :)
  8. Would I be correct in saying that you get interviewed as part of the DV, and if so how was it?
  9. I'm not 100% sure myself about the main differences between them but I believe the operational units are where you'll find specialist officers (dynamic intervention AFOs, dog handlers etc) whereas the support units are just AFO's.
  10. Glad to hear you finally got it booked. The HR dept at CNC seems to be fairly small and I was told they had just been doing assessment centres and whatnot so I reckon the medicals aren't their priority atm as they're busy with other stuff. I imagine a lot us have been calling about the same sort of thing so it's easier for them to just book us in so we stop nagging them? My medical is in June as well so hopefully everything goes smoothly and I can start training in August/September; we may even be on the same course ?
  11. As above it's definitely worth a shot giving them a call. I was in the same situation as you bodkd, I hadn't heard anything for 6 weeks so I gave them a call and they weren't able to give me an update as they hadn't heard from occ health but promised to chase it up for me. I then called again a few weeks later and to my surprise they booked me in for my medical there and then. It seems that with the CNC, persistence is key! Good Luck :)
  12. I've sent them an email so if they get back to me with some useful info i'll post it on here. I believe it's 6/7.5 with or without correction so if you can get it corrected with lenses it shouldn't stand in your way. Anyway I hope it works out for you :)
  13. Have any of you folks who have passed A/C recently got any info on possible training dates?
  14. Good stuff mate I also found it to be very professional and informative. I got the news yesterday that i'd passed A/C so hopefully medical and vetting will go ok as well. It only took and week and a half to get my A/C result so you shouldn't be in for too much of a wait, fingers crossed :)
  15. Was your A/C in Edinburgh as well? Dounreay seems like a good site to be at but the remoteness of it put me off the first time I applied and it was the only station they were recruiting for at the time. Now that they're recruiting for Hunterston it's ideal because it's 10 minutes down the road from me and I already know most people in the area :)