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  1. maximus1992

    Tactical Support Group

    Ok, to bring this back on topic ZXC the TSG is very much actively recruiting at the moment, as is the SEG and all things AWE. Currently it is a 6 week “support officer” course then you spend time with your section learning on shift with them, then another course when you get trained again to a higher national standard level which is a very good and tough course. Of course being AWE all things are in the wind and there are no definates. Things are changing this year and especially next year. Many speculate the TSG might be dispanded, others it will be increased. AWE love a good rumour ?
  2. maximus1992

    September 2017 course

    Yeah leave whatever you want there. Keys are handed in at the gate when you leave each weekend. You should have seen some of the set ups people had in their rooms.
  3. maximus1992

    MOD Stage 2

    The firearms bit is easy, sit, listen then interact with the firearms. Dont for the love of god do anything stupid and enjoy it ? As for the interview, my intake was the first lot to have them so it was still in its infancy however they are competencey based “ish”. They just want to get to know you and your plans and what you want from the force and make sure you know where you will move to ect. That sort of thing. Best bet, go in knowing all your MDP shizzle, then they will work you down to the more personnal stuff.
  4. maximus1992

    September 2017 course

    Hi Other One, the jobs rocks the boat in different ways for different people. Some of the older folk are doing it for pensions or putting kids through uni while earning a bomb on the older and/or top rate pay scheme. Others are actively looking elsewhere for other jobs as they have “done” the MDP now after a couple years. Us newer lot are still finding our feet however it depends on what you want to get out of it. Want to work only half the year and earn nearly £26k basic with overtime and south allowance and not much stress, come awe lol. Others like me are waiting for courses to come about and others have already got on things like pst instructor or SEG within a year. Like i have said before the force is and will go through a change in the near future. The merge with CNC and BTP is still out there, budget constantly fluctuates each year with how much the government wants to fund everything, seriously no one knows what will happen with the force. The old discontent in the forum here we all read before joining. It was when alot of poop was going down but it has all been completely cleared now. Those that remain are here to do the job and see it through Basically you have to ask yourself what you are looking for in the job. Maybe just straight out say it here and we can see if we can guide you. Always worth a shot ?
  5. maximus1992

    September 2017 course

    Dammit James, coming here and stealing people. Portsmouth dont need no one else ? Yes Portsmouth is a very good station, they are getting arrests, go out with the local police force, protect some pretty cool kit and get plenty of Boaty McBoatface time.
  6. maximus1992

    September 2017 course

    To be frightfully honest no one has any idea about the central shift pattern of 4 on/4 off. It was something that was going to be implemented long before now, but never came to be. It is meant to align the force and we will get a fancy way of sharing overtime on phones, i believe the rosters will be able to be done by Wethersfield ("centralised" they call it) and it would make another Operation Temperer easier as it would be clear what section could be selected to go. Yes the overtime is all around us right now however people are happy to do it. Although, with the burghfield shift pattern (can work up to 7 in a row), coming off nights and changeover days sometimes not happening due to working all earlies, it can weigh you down a bit. If you dont sign the overtime waiver you get 36 hours limit and if you do sign you get 60 which is 5 extra shifts. The burghfield shift pattern is not really a shift pattern right now. People dont like it as you can work up to 7 days however you do get 2 full weekends off a month (overtime permitting) and can retain your 5 days off. For holiday, if you take the 4 working days off between your 5 rest days you get 14 days of. C'mon that aint that bad ha!! Right, massive block of writing over. Anymore questions just fire them over and i will try to answer as much as allowed.
  7. maximus1992

    September 2017 course

    Burghfield is a good station, been there for over 3 months now. Everything is simple enough in operation so dont worry. We are unfortunately losing people quite fast as the job doesnt work out to be in everyones taste, but you can honestly get 60 hours overtime every month if you want it (thats £800 extra a month mind you on pay scale 1) and it is a very stress free job, everyone in the ranks get on well here and each section is very relaxed but take what they do seriously. If you want any information i will do my best to give it to you just reply with questions and welcome to the MDP and Burghfield dude.
  8. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    Cool, thanks guys. Was going to go up Monday like is says but couldnt help but think getting there sunday to help to settle a bit. Doubt we will be doing much Monday except pure admin to get us newbies in order. See you lot there!!
  9. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    One last thing, for you wonderful lot coming training next week, when are you heading to Wethersfield? The joining sheet says to be in building 401 by 9am monday, but can we go up sunday to get settled. Surely not everyone flying down will try it monday morning?? Just wondering, thanks.
  10. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    I believe, correct me if wrong, the normal working hours for nights are 6pm to 6am. If travelling from Alysebury then the 40 miles should hopefully be a cruise as there are no large "hubs" until Reading, just the M4 to contend with. Leave for work after 4pm and cruise home after 630am after dekitting, should be ok. Fuel should be ok in the hybrid, getting 400 miles a tank is nice.
  11. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    I am with Amb, I had to relocate no matter what, had limits due to the girlfriend, but being an hour-ish away, outside rush hour due to shift patterns, it should be wuite easy. I did my research before coming in big time, i mean i have had a long long time to wait (cutbacks Oct 2015). The one thing i found though, everyone had the same frame of mind on my assessment days. Everyone knew what the job was about now, knew what was expected from them and seemed like a bunch of positive, like minded men and women of all ages. Maybe it is what the force needs. Career wise, the forums and the instructors said you can make a lot of money "on the gate" due to overtime (time and a third i believe the pay online said, please correct if wrong) or make a good career in a chosen field very fast. Many on the assessment had ideas what they wanted to do and the MDP Talk Through magazine always has recruits being sucked up into what they want very fast, some are even acting Sgt after less than 3 years. To all that start next week, lets continue the positivity, we know what the job is, but we also know the opportinuties to get on are and how fast they come about so good luck, lets work hard and enjoy it. Thanks again to all who share their insights and knowledge, the information is invaluable.
  12. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    Hey Jim, thanks for the support. If a person is currently in the job role and a newbie asks questions it can get frustrating. However, like i said before and learning from people who do it, I have now learnt (and hopefully any new, unsure person going through forums for info too) that when you are on shift you are definately on shift. Breaks are not down time to take kit off, but you are being productive with other things. In regards to if i want to do it? Course i do. Applied April 2015 and now finally starting this month. Any job is what you make of it, I want to try TSG then the motorbikes in the SEG. Sure, people of knowledge will say "you will have to wait" or "you will have to do your time first" but everyone knows that. Thanks for your help so far guys and gals.
  13. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    No thats fine MDPREC, I am coming across a little uneducated and supposing how things might be from previous shift work experience where "down time" was your time. If in fact down time to be "on call" still and you have to have the ability to react at a monents notice, then this I understand. I apologise if I offended people currently in the job role who know how it is, then again thats why there are forums, for insider knowledge. Still looking forward to start the training and the job.
  14. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    On the assessment centre we were told about the "kipping" on shift incident by one of the firearms instructors. I was more in the mindset we would get some time off in shift for food, toilet break, that sort of thing.
  15. maximus1992

    Living and Commute

    You are right about the night shift, I assume I will not be able to get much kip during the shift, but I am prepared to take some time before I leave to make sure I am ok. That, and coffee. Open for car pooling too. Hey, I got a hybrid as my first car, fuel is cheap ?