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  1. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I went through west command mate and it was 8 weeks for me! I posted a timeline of how long my application took on here, it's maybe a couple of pages back now!
  2. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You must have missed the March intake by only a few people mate because your timeline is the exact same as mine and I was considered as a reserve for the March intake and then told I was confirmed! Definitely on to a winner for the June intake I'd imagine!
  3. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi guys, Unfortunately I'm working overtime today but with a bit of spare time I thought I'd write up a timeline of my application for reference to anyone thinking of applying, or in the process just now! I went through West, all Interviews, assessments etc at Jackton: Initial Application sent: early 05/2016 Invite to SET and initial fitness received: early 07/2016 Initial interview: early 08/2016 Assessment centre and final interview: late 08/2016 Medical assessment (NO SMT!!): early 09/2016 **LONGEST WAIT OF YOUR LIFE** SMT and final fitness test: mid 02/17 I am now confirmed on the March 2017 intake at Tulli. After my medical there was quite a bit of silence as vetting is completed and you wait for your space to go to Tulliallan. As far as I am aware there where no hold ups in my application, medical or vetting. unfortunately its just with the amount of applications and limited spaces at Tulli the final stage is always the bit that takes longest. Be patient and keep yourself ticking over. Some days it feels like the longest wait of your life, then other days like today.. You realise its all gonna become real in a matter of days!! Good luck to everyone with their applications!
  4. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Gutted to hear that, try not to let it get you down though - not many people get past every hurdle first time! I believe you resubmit a new form. You won't have to re-sit the SET's. So you'll do a fitness test and then progress to assessment centre stage. Make sure you do give them that call next week, they'll be keen to hear from you! Take on board all the things they say (Good and bad), Keep yourself ticking over for a little while and it'll fly by. You know exactly how it works now and what the process is, that can only be beneficial for the next time you try!
  5. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Mate sorry im late replying, I was asked about what agencies I'd expect to work with, under what circumstances and why it would be necessary. It was almost like a job knowledge question! For this I just used the STAR method about what situation could crop up, the task we'd have which meant working with "X" agency, the action we'd take alongside that agency and the result we'd be looking for! I can only really tell you about my experience, I'm sure there will be a few different questions they ask regarding partnership working! I'd expect it to be in regards to what partnerships the police work with rather than what ones you work with just now but try have a few examples for each as always! Hope this is some kind of help for you
  6. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good stuff, No worries... Good luck on the day. Sure you'll smash it :) I'm sure a lot of recruits have already had a look at this page but I found it invaluable when preparing for both the interviews, Hopefully its help for anyone who's not had a read at it. http://www.scotland.police.uk/assets/pdf/327931/327936/327976/328769/personal-competency-descriptors-police-constable?view=Standard
  7. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    with the Working in Partnership... Don't get it confused with Working in "A" Partnership. The question is likely to be about working with other agencies in the job, as opposed to how you and a colleague will work together day-to-day. I only realised that at lunchtime on the day of the assessment centre haha!
  8. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Monday the 27th!
  9. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Sorry to hear that Fraz, try not to beat yourself up about it just now.. You'll get an other opportunity and absolute smash it. Just remember they obviously liked the sound of you or they wouldn't have even offered you the interview! There's plenty people on here and elsewhere who never made it in first time, doesn't mean you're not good enough or you'll never get there.. It's just something caught you off guard on the day and let's be honest, that can happen to anyone at any time! Best advice would be to phone them. They'll tell you exactly what they where looking for and the best things to do for your next application. You now know how the interview works, you understand the type of questions they ask and you'll know the answers they're looking for in future. That gives you an even better chance next time and they'll want to see you reapply. Stick at it!!
  10. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Have a look here for all the definitions http://www.scotland.police.uk/assets/pdf/327931/327936/327976/328769/personal-competency-descriptors-police-constable?view=Standard Reply to this post so you have 10 posts and I'll PM you more about it!
  11. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Told yah good luck at the interview! Need any pointers or wanna ask anything I'll do my best to help from my experience! Onwards you go hahah :)
  12. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've applied for L, K and G. Applied in May, got my provisional offer in August and I'm a reserve for the March intake! Got my final fitness and SMT in a couple of weeks for preparation to go in March, fingers crossed I get called for it
  13. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You'll absolutely smash it and just remember everyone's feeling the exact same. I lost faith in ever getting a reply about going for my SET and initial fitness and never trained. I then got an email Inviting me to go up10 days later and as you can imagine I wasn't feeling confident. But when you're in the line and everyone's getting ready to go you'll settle into the rhythm and just do it. I've sat 2 fitness tests and each time after level 7 I can't remember any of it. You just zone out and keep going til you know you're absolutely done in and with the adrenaline, focus on what is at stake and being able to just guage the speed everyone else is going at you will be miles past your requirement before you need to stop. Get one more shot in at it before you go and just give it your all on the day :)
  14. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ahhh fair enough, glad it looks like you're off this time round though best of luck!
  15. Gt66

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They definitely do yeah loads of people in same position it looks like. when did you attend for your medical roughly do you remember?