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  1. JJCUK

    March 27th Intake

    Is anybody else starting in March? Not long until the off now, I gather you all have had your Borough postings emailed to you? Has anybody has a further training email yet with more details regarding training? What have you done to prepare? Looking forward to it, I really am!
  2. JJCUK

    MET HR Department Mess!!!

    It's annoying, I'm starting on the 27th March, and still don't know my Borough or training schedule etc, I have spoken to someone else on this forum, starting at the same time who have received their borough, leaving me a little worried and paranoid they have forgot me! I have sent them confirmation of my CKP also, with no confirmation of receipt, I'm sure I'm worrying for the sake of it and still got around 3 weeks before the off, but It's safe to say i'm pretty impatient! haha.
  3. JJCUK

    E-Laws CKP Course

    I PASSED! And i'm in and start at the end of next month on March's intake. I'm so buzzing right now :) , good luck to everyone.
  4. JJCUK

    E-Laws CKP Course

    Hello, Is anybody doing their CKP Course with E-Laws? Has anybody done their CKP with E-Laws? Final Examination on Monday, nervous as anything. What did you find the final exam to be like? How in depth and how much do you really need to know? Any advice or tips for final revision this weekend welcome!
  5. Yep, I was right, the selections team replied regarding the above question and told me my vetting has cleared! References don't get sent out until 3 weeks before training starts, if anybody is interested. Just gotta pass my CKP now and i'm set!
  6. I think I misread my offer email, it says, as long as your vetting remains cleared.. haha, guess I cleared it then! Yay!
  7. I was given that date on the basis my references and vetting clear. The references I have given cover a 5 year period, 3 professional references and 2 personal references (who have known you more than 5 years)
  8. Hi all, I'm due to start training on the 27th March. In regards to references and vetting, when do the met start trying to get references? I'm currently in employment and I sit next to the person i've listed as a reference (line manager), and haven't told the company i'm pursuing this career. I wanna know roughly when they're going to apply for references so I can prepare some sort of discussion with my line manager. Personally, I've only been at the company 7 months, and they're really happy with my performance and the way things are going, i'd like to think they'd be supportive. At the same time I worry that they'd think i've gone behind their backs or whatever, but this has been my true path to follow, and has been for the last 5/6 years. Do they apply for references once the vetting has cleared? What happens when it has cleared? Do you get a letter or disclosure form like a DBS? I must admit, even though my notice is 4 weeks, I'd like to give them more time to find a replacement, so the sooner the better really, Any advice or info would be great, Thanks :)
  9. JJCUK

    CKP Feb 06 training 27 match 2017

    It's not too bad, fairly straightforward course. 10 assignments and then a final exam. Fingers crossed. Lot of legislation, models, Mnemonics to learn, but i'm constantly going over them. Good luck in yours and the best of luck for training! :)
  10. JJCUK

    CKP Feb 06 training 27 match 2017

    I'm due to start training on 27th March. However, doing my CKP elsewhere, final exam on the 13th Feb!